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The San Antonio Municipal Court can be found at the www.SanAntonio.gov web site.  Recently, the San Antonio Municipal Court has updated their site so that anyone who has received a San Antonio Traffic Ticket can resolve their ticket online.  BEWARE!

 The city of San Antonio, Texas is one of the only major metropolitan cities in Texas that increased the issuance of traffic tickets last year.  This is presumably because San Antonio traffic tickets bring in an enormous amount of revenue for the city of San Antonio.  This increase in tickets has obviously led to an increase in traffic ticket processing down at the San Antonio Municipal court located down on South Frio Street.

In response to increased traffic tickets, the city of San Antonio has changed its web site to offer resolution of San Antonio traffic tickets online.  When I first read this, as a traffic ticket lawyer in San Antonio, I became worried that my business would be hurt.  However, after looking carefully at the San Antonio Municipal Court’s web site, I realized their offer could be very detrimental to people who try to resolve their San Antonio traffic tickets online.

The San Antonio Municipal Court indicates you can simply pay your fine online without having to come into the San Antonio Municipal Court.  What is not particularly clear is that simply paying your San Antonio traffic ticket will result in a guilty plea and a conviction being recorded on your permanent driving record.  Still worse, a conviction for a San Antonio traffic ticket will count as points on your permanent driving record.  Collect too many traffic ticket points with the Texas Department of Public Safety – DPS – and you will start receiving surcharges every year.  Failure to pay surcharges will result in your drivers license will be suspended.

Additionally, your automobile insurance company will be able to search the Texas DPS records and see you recived a conviction for a San Antonio Traffic Ticket.  This can cause your insurance to rise, costing you thousands of dollars over time.

Be cautious about paying the San Antono Municipal Court directly for your traffic tickets, MIP or Public Intoxication citation.  Instead, call one of our skilled San Antonio Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers today to discuss how a traffic ticket attorney can help you avoid conviction and keep your Texas driving record clean.  Many times, we can even resolve your traffic tickets for less than the cost of the ticket itself.

The traffic ticket lawyers at The Coquat Law Firm know the San Antonio Municipal Court system well.  We work with the San Antonio Municipal Court prosecutors every week to reduce our clients traffic ticket fines and keep those traffic tickets off of thier driving record.

If you need help resolving a traffic ticket, don’t pay the San Antonio Municipal Court.

Call today: 210-745-2825.


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  1. I got a ticket for speeding. $208 fine. Will you cost less than the fine and get it dismissed

  2. Richard, a number of factors determines our ability to handle a traffic ticket citation. Some of these factors include the location the ticket was received, the type of license involved, as well as the alleged speed. We would be more than happy to speak to you individually on the phone or by email in order to see if we are able to help you with your ticket at this time.

  3. I got held overnite for public intoxication but did not receive any paperwork. How do I find out if I gotten a ticket or not?

  4. Jesse,
    We are more than happy to speak with you to see if we are able to help you out. Please feel free to call our offices at (210)745-2825 to speak with one of our trained traffic ticket paralegals for more information about your situation.

  5. 5-10-2017
    Hello Mr Coquat, I got a ticket for talking on my cell phone is San Antonio on 4-27-14 11:03 AM at 1700 Trinity. I was following my friend from SA to try to find the nursing home we have a mutual friend in at 307 Cypress. I did not even know it was against the law to talk on my cell. I know that sounds impossible, but I am from Ballinger, TX and did not know the law on cell phones, only do not text law. Either way I was on my phone calling my friend driving ahead of me to tell her to turn right at the next red light. So, here is my question. I have a CDL A to drive a school bus. I have not had a ticket in over 35 years at least. I read where I can not take a driving test with my CDL. I am wanting to know about deferred disposition. I do not know how to go about all of this from my home here in Ballinger. Can you please call me asap to help me ask for deferred disposition. and I will pay the fine $202.00 plus $4.00 for paying online, but I want to ask for the deferred disposition so this ticket will not stay on my clean driving record. Please call me, I need to ask soon or pay this ticket and plead guilty. I have worked in Schools, Corrections, and County Jails as an Officer and do not want this on my record if possible.
    Susan Lynn Britton
    1301 N 7th St
    Ballinger, TX 76821
    citation # S910765
    date of citation 4-27-2017

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