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Learn More about how to Fight Your San Antonio Traffic Tickets

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THIS IS A GUEST BLOG WRITTEN BY ISRAEL ROTHERMAN – THE VIEWS AND OPINIONS EXPRESSED HEREIN DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE OPINIONS OF THE COQUAT LAW FIRM. Texas is one of the top states for issuing traffic tickets, especially in San Antonio, Bexar County, Comal County, and Guadalupe County.  Law enforcement will swear up and down

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Male police check vihicle on the road

Fiesta Traffic Ticket

No one loves getting a Fiesta Traffic Ticket. With almost everyone having Friday off for Battle of the Flowers, more people were on the road than normal. Did you or someone you know end up with a Fiesta Traffic Ticket? If so, make sure you know all of your options so you can make the smart choice.

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Cars Side by Side Parking

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Traffic Ticket

Do you have a Martin Luther King Jr. Day Traffic Ticket? Many people had Monday off this week for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Everyone loves a three day weekend, but no one loves a traffic ticket. If you ended up with a Martin Luther King Jr. Day Traffic Ticket, you need to make sure you know

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Man getting into taxi

Lyft Returns to San Antonio. Lyft Traffic Tickets.

Lyft is back in San Antonio. Lyft has officially joined Uber in bringing ride sharing back to San Antonio. But watch out. You do not want to end up with with a Lyft traffic ticket. What you need to know about a Lyft traffic ticket. Lyft is completely legal in San Antonio. But this does not mean

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Uber driver driving happy counting money

Can Uber drivers get a traffic ticket in San Antonio?

Uber has returned to San Antonio, Texas. If you are an Uber driver with a traffic ticket, be sure to give The Coquat Law Firm a call to see how we get you driving again. For those that do get a ticket The Coquat Law Firm is here to help them out. All you have to do is

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