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CALL: 210-745-2825 to speak with a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in San Antonio about Traffic Tickets, Speeding Tickets, CDL and MIP ticket attorney defense.

Traffic tickets in San Antonio and all municipalities in Bexar County are on the rise.  Cities such as San Antonio, Selma, Schertz, Leon Valley, Windcrest, Shavano Park, Alamo Heights and others have been hurt by the economic downturn.  If you have received a traffic ticket, you should look into hiring a San Antonio Speeding Ticket Lawyer to help with your speeding ticket defense.

You should also look into hiring an experienced speeding ticket lawyer.  Many “speeding ticket attorneys” advertising on the web are not speeding ticket attorneys at all.  Some use answering services that only know a minimum amount about speeding tickets and are minimally helpful.  When you make a call from the web, ask the person answering if they are a San Antonio Speeding Ticket Lawyer.  If the person is not a San Antonio Speeding Ticket Lawyer, ask to speak to a speeding ticket lawyer right away!  Even worse, some of these speeding ticket attorneys only resolve speeding tickets for extra money or as a secondary part of their larger criminal law business.  These criminal law attorneys may not give your speeding ticket the attention it deserves.

When looking into hiring a San Antonio speeding ticket lawyer, be sure to ask what part of their practice is dedicated to resolving tickets.  Also, make sure to ask how many tickets they resolve each week and each year.  The speeding ticket lawyers at TrafficTicketSA.com work for The Coquat Law Firm and resolve several thousand speeding citations each year.  The firm has attorneys focused on speeding ticket defense.  In fact, one attorney dedicates 95% of her practice to speeding tickets – the other 5% focuses on similar Class C misdemeanors such as minor in possession MIP citations, commercial drivers license CDL citations, public intoxication citations and securing Occupational Licenses for those who have outstanding traffic ticket warrants or have lost their driving privileges.

You deserve an experienced San Antonio Speeding Ticket Lawyer to help you with your speeding ticket defense.  Our firm does not strive to be the least expensive.  We simply strive to be the very best Speeding Ticket Lawyers in San Antonio.  We strive to provide white-glove legal services, treating speeding tickets just like more serious criminal matters, while charging a fair flat legal fee.  Our work is even backed up with a 100% money back guarantee – the first in our local  industry!

There are a lot of imitations, but if you demand top quality and absolutely must keep your speeding ticket off of your driving record, call a San Antonio Speeding Ticket Lawyer at The Coquat Law Firm today: 210-745-2825.


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