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There is a lot of “lawyer traffic” in San Antonio these days for taking care of San Antonio traffic tickets.  By lawyer traffic, I mean lawyers who are posting ads and blogs on the web to try and entice you to use their serive to resolve your traffic ticket, speeding ticket, CDL or MIP citation.  Some of these attorneys are very good traffic ticket lawyers and know the San Antonio Municipal Court or Bexar County traffic ticket court system well.  However, many of these lawyers are newcommers to traffic ticket defense representation.  You want a lawyer who appears weekly in traffic ticket courts and knows the traffic ticket prosecutors and judges.

Lawyer traffic began to see an increase about a year ago when the economic downturn really hit San Antonio.  Another reason for increased online lawyer traffic is because the District Attorney, Susan Reed, implemented mandatory blood draws for all DWI stops.  As a result, a number of the DWI attorneys in San Antonio saw a decrease in clients and revenue, so they started taking on traffic ticket clients to supplement thier lost revenue.


Waiding through the lawyer traffic can be a real challenge.  Because the State Bar of Texas does not recognize a traffic ticket defense specialty, how do you know if you are selecting a “true” traffic ticket attorney, versus a general criminal law attorney who infrequently resolves traffic tickets?  Here are some questions to ask:

  • How many new traffic tickets clients do you get each day on average?
  • What percentage of your practice is dedicated to defending traffic tickets?
  • How long have you been defending traffic tickets?
  • How many traffic tickets did you resolve last week, month, year?

Remember, anyone can advertise on Google AdWords or pay to get themselves at the very top of Yahoo or Bing’s search results.  Wade through the traffic ticket lawyer traffic and look carefully at the lawyer’s web page.  Look specifically to see if that lawyer’s site is dedicated primarily to traffic tickets, or if they engage in all kinds of criminal law and traffic tickets are only a small portion of their practice.

To be sure, there are general criminal law attorneys who know the San Antono traffic ticket defense system well.  But there are many more who simply use their traffic tickt business as supplemental income between larger and more serious criminal law cases.

The traffic ticket lawyers at The Coquat Law Firm limit their criminal law practice to only traffic tickets and related Class C misdemeanors.  While some firm lawyers practice civil law, those lawyers who resolve traffic tickets dedicate a majority of thier practice to traffic ticket defense.

You deserve the best possible traffic ticket defense.  If you need help resolving a traffic ticket in San Antonio, give one of our experienced traffic ticket lawyers a call today and see what we can do to keep your traffic ticket off your permanent record.

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