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Ticket Fines

Ticket Fines for various Traffic Tickets in San Antonio and the Bexar County area vary greatly depedning upon the jurisdiction in which you receive your ticket.  Your original traffic fine may increase if you are late paying your traffic ticket or fail to appear for your court date.  However, hiring a traffic ticket attorney will usually allow your ticket fine to drop.

List of Ticket Fines

Below you will find a list of links to the various ticket fines for the different municipalities in and around San Antonio, Texas.  Keep in mind not all traffic ticket court publish a list of their traffic ticket fines.

Lawyers Reduce Ticket Fines

 Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer from The Coquat Law Firm is one way to significantly increase your changes of lowering your ticket fine.  While not all traffic ticket courts will lower their fines, our traffic ticket attorneys can almost always get a reduction in fine or a reduction in the amount of time you will spend on deferred disposition for a traffic ticket.  If we are unable to get one or the other reduced, we will refund 100% of your legal fee.  After all, the entire point of hiring a lawyer to represent you in defending your traffic ticket is to get some kind of reduction – either in fee or probation time.  At The Coquat Law Firm, our ticket lawyers get very excited about reductions and take great pride in securing the largest possible reduction in ticket fine for you!

If you would like one of our traffic ticket lawyers to get started working on reducing your traffic ticket fine, give us a call today at 210-745-2825.


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