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To my knowledge no state in the United States formally recognizes a lawyer specialization in traffic ticket law.  Unlike doctors, most attorneys can practice in any field they chose, so long as they are competent.  In fact, most states prohibit lawyers from using the term “specialist” or “expert” unless they have past additional testing, practiced for a certain number of years and devote a majority of their law practice to one particular area of law.  Even so, no state recognizes a “board certified traffic ticket attorney.”

So, how do you know if the attorney you’re hiring to take care of your traffic ticket is one who truly knows the traffic ticket law in your state, versus a criminal law attorney who resolves traffic tickets for extra money?  Unfortunately, there is no single way to be sure, but listed below are a number of suggested questions or actions you can take to vet a true traffic ticket lawyer:

  • Ask: What portion of your practice is devoted to traffic ticket defense?
  • Ask: How many traffic tickets do you resolve each week/month/year?
  • Ask: How many attorneys in your firm are focused primarily on traffic ticket defense?
  • Ask: How long will it take to resolve my ticket? (a ticket attorney can ball-park it quickly)
  • Ask: Do you regularly appear in the court where my traffic ticket will be resolved?
  • Do:  Ask for a basic explanation of the entire traffic ticket defense process.
  • Do:  Ask for the name of the specific traffic ticket attorney appointed to resolve your traffic ticket.

These few tips can’t guarantee the attorney or law firm you select focuses heavily on traffic tickets, but it will certainly help to narrow down the field.

You also want to look at the traffic ticket attorney’s web page for content and blog entries to see how much helpful traffic ticket defense information is available. Avoid web sites where only one page is devoted to traffic ticket defense and the information is general and obvious. A good web site devoted to traffic ticket defense with lots of interesting traffic ticket topics is usually a good sign a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney is behind the site.   Below are examples of some great traffic ticket defense lawyers’ web sites with tons of useful traffic ticket defense content:

Louisiana Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Michigan Traffic Ticket Defense

Florida Traffic Ticket Attorney

Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney

California Traffic Ticket News Blog

Corpus Christi Ticket Attorney

California Traffic Ticket Attorney

CALL: 210-745-2825 to speak with a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in San Antonio about Ticket Fines, Traffic Tickets, Speeding Tickets, CDL and MIP ticket attorney defense.  For traffic ticket defense from serious traffic ticket lawyers in Corpus Christi, give us a call at 361-232-5202.


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