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I am a San Antonio traffic ticket attorney.  Recently a potential client called inquiring about the need to hire a traffic ticket attorney to represent him in court on a traffic ticket citation.  The individual was concerned about keeping the traffic citation off their driving record and, at the same time, resolving the citation using the least expensive method.

Increased Traffic Ticket Costs Now

While it may seem less expensive to just pay the traffic ticket fine to the court without appearing or speaking with the judge or prosecutor, this action can actually cause unnecessary expenses down the road depending on the ticket.  When a traffic citation is paid directly to the San Antonio Municipal Court or other traffic ticket court with no other action, the individual may not realize they are actually admitting guilt.  The citation is then reported to Texas DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) as a conviction.  Having a conviction on your driving record can result in points on your record, not to mention the possibility your insurance premiums will increase.  In addition, if you admit guilt on a traffic citation for “no insurance” or “driving while license invalid,” then you will incur surcharges of $750.00 or more because of your decision to “just pay the ticket.”  In short, just paying your traffic ticket can be a very bad idea and far more costly than paying a traffic ticket attorney like we have here at The Coquat Law Firm.

Increased Traffic Ticket Costs Later

When I speak to potential clients concerned with the cost of hiring an attorney for representation on defending a traffic ticket, I remind them of the potential for additional costs down the road.  These future costs can usually be avoided by hiring a traffic ticket attorney to represent you.  I encourage them not to just blindly listen to me, the traffic ticket attorney, but to do the math for themselves.  At first it might seem more expensive to hire an attorney to resolve a traffic citation, but in the long run you will probably save a lot of money.  And who doesn’t enjoy saving money?

Contact a Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you need a San Antonio traffic ticket attorney to help defend a traffic ticket one of the traffic ticket attorneys at TrafficTicketSA will be happy to speak with you about your traffic ticket citation and how we may be able to provide a less costly resolution for you instead of just paying your ticket directly to the traffic ticket court.  To get started, fill out our Online Form or Call us at: 210-745-2825.


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  1. Service was quick and easy. I didn’t get my ticket dismissed but I did get a reduced fee and it’s not going to show up on my driving record. Overall I am satisfied with the service that I was provided and would definately recommend The Coquat Law Firm.

  2. I got a traffic ticket and disagree with ticket in the sense that on 410 going North passing starcrest before getting to perrin beitel, it’s 4 lanes merging into 3 and I was in the far right lane (4) trying to merge into the 3rd lane that was endingbut cars wouldn’t let anyone in you had to work your way into the lane and officer said I was in the wrong cause I was in the emergency lane. Duh, couldn’t get into the lane right away due to cars being jerks and not letting cars work their way in like your suppose to!

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