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As a San Antonio traffic ticket lawyer, I want to tell you traffic tickets, speeding tickets, school zone tickets and alcohol related citations rise significantly during the autumn.  This isn’t because of the full moon, I don’t think.  We have to defend more traffic violations during the autumn because school gets back into full swing, it gets darker earlier and there are more holiday parties.

Obviously, when school gets back into session, the police work diligently to get motorists to slow down in school zones.  Of course, all summer long, folks have had the opportunity to drive at normal speeds through school zones.  Once school starts back up, it takes a while to get used to the speed limit changes and times.  Furthermore, not all school zones have flashing lights.  Many of the school zones have extended times from just a few years ago.  The net effect is the number of school zone tickets significantly increases in early autumn.  These are serious traffic tickets and a San Antonio traffic ticket lawyer from The Coquat Law Firm can help advise you about your traffic ticket rights.

Autumn brings more darkness and people just don’t drive as well in the dark.  So, when it starts to get dark earlier, we spend more time driving in unfavorable conditions.  We also start to hurry along more, trying to get home before the sun is totally gone.  Hurrying in an automobile almost always means bad driving decisions and speeding.  This all equals an increased number of traffic citations for speeding, failing to use a blinker and unsafe lane changes.  And, in San Antonio especially, traffic stops almost automatically mean an increase in traffic citations for no auto insurance, expired license and expired registration.

Last but not least, a San Antonio traffic ticket lawyer almost always finds work increases when the holiday parties start.  It’s simple.  Again, folks are trying to rush home, get changed and make it to the party on time.  They are excited and often looking for a location they’ve never been to – in the dark.  This equates to tickets for speeding and distracted driving or reckless driving.  And, once the party is over, people are often relaxed and all too often intoxicated.  Citations for minor in possession of alcohol, public intoxication and DWI increase significantly during the holiday season as well.  Drivers initially get ticketed after parties for speeding home, and wind up having to call a traffic ticket lawyer for a speeding ticket or worse.

An autumn traffic ticket really puts a damper on the beginning of your Holiday Season.  A traffic ticket can really have a negative effect on your driving record and cost of insurance.  Paying a traffic ticket directly to the San Antonio municipal court counts as a conviction.  Pleading ‘no contest’ counts as a conviction.  Conviction for too many traffic tickets can even cause you to incur surcharges assessed against your driver’s license each year for three years.  Don’t fight a traffic ticket alone.  Better to call a San Antonio traffic ticket lawyer for seasonal advice!

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