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San Antonio is a city that prides itself on being a top tourist destination. Every year hundreds of visitors come to enjoy the Alamo and have dinner at the many restaurant offerings along the San Antonio Riverwalk.  However, most San Antonio natives don’t find it easy to enjoy the Alamo City’s tourist attractions.  Just try going down to the Riverwalk.  Trying to find parking anywhere in downtown San Antonio can be an absolute nightmare.

Because San Antonio is such an old city, with a downtown that built up well before the advent of cars, there simply is not much room for parking in the area.  The large number of tourists also encourages the owners of the parking lots that are available to charge very high parking fees.  Even worse can be having your car towed for being illegally parked in downtown San Antonio.  When this happens, chances are you will end up paying a San Antonio towing company large amounts of money to get your car back – these are usually not friendly people to deal with, and their tow yards are often in less than savory parts of town, miles away from downtown, so you just bought yourself an expensive cab ride, as well.

Perhaps worst of all is the fact San Antonio towing companies may be overcharging you to get your car back.  A recent WOAI investigation found some San Antonio area towing companies are apparently engaging in deceptive practices by overcharging customers in order to release their cars from impound.  According to a city ordinance, towing companies are not allowed to charge more $85 in fees and fines, but some tow companies—including Bexar Towing—were apparently charging customers almost $300. Now, the City of San Antonio and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (which oversees towing companies in Texas) are charging towing companies tickets and penalties for overcharging their customers. The case between Bexar Towing and the City of San Antonio is still playing out in court, but the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations is issuing refund checks to people who overpaid these towing companies.

If you feel like you were a victim of overcharging by San Antonio towing companies after Sept 1, 2011, you can file a complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations and they will investigate your claim and take appropriate action.

With stories like this making local headline news, it’s always a good idea to have a San Antonio traffic ticket lawyer on your side to help make sure you are fairly represented and you get the results you deserve. At The Coquat Law Firm, our experienced San Antonio traffic ticket lawyers have handled hundreds of cases and have a proven record of success, along with a reputation for professionalism and personalized attention that is second to none and sets us apart from other San Antonio traffic ticket lawyers. If you are interested in having a San Antonio traffic ticket lawyer in your corner working for you, call our office today at 210-745-2825.


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