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Knowing a speeding ticket attorney in San Antonio is critical because speeding tickets are big business in San Antonio, and it seems like more and more are issued the closer we get to the holidays. Motorists.org found Texas also ranks near the top in terms of most traffic tickets issued.  With a speeding ticket given out every few seconds in San Antonio, do you know a speeding ticket attorney and what Texas law actually says regarding speeding and speed limits?

Unless the maximum speed limit is posted, the Texas Transportation Code §545.351 states regarding the maximum speed limit:

(a) “an operator may not drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the circumstances then existing.

Let’s break down this lawyerly sounding legal jargon and see if it can be explained in easy to understand terms.  The key to the sentence is the phrase “greater than is reasonable and prudent under the circumstances then existing.”  There are three primary issues to look at here 1) greater than, 2) reasonable and prudent, and 3) circumstances then existing.  Let’s analyze 1-3 in reverse:

  • Circumstances then Existing: this is a fancy legal way to say “road conditions at the time the speeding ticket was issued to you.”
  • Reasonable and Prudent:  this term simply means driving at a speed that is not reckless and is sensible.
  • Greater than:  just means….well, more than or faster than.

By breaking the law down, we discover that unless a speed limit sign is clearly posted, the Texas speed limit law says “A person cannot drive a vehicle at a reckless speed that would not be considered sensible for the road conditions.

So, because “reckless speed” and “sensible speed” are really open to interpretation, many people are unfairly ticketed for speeding violations when they may not have deserved a speeding in the first place.  An unfair speeding ticket can really hurt your driving record and cause your auto insurance premiums to go up.

            If you feel that you have been the target of an unfair speeding ticket, your best option may be to work with a speeding ticket attorney to help to defend you. Hiring an experienced speeding ticket attorney allows the attorney to look at your case and usually help get the traffic ticket fine reduced, or sometimes get it dismissed altogether.

            Don’t be a speeding ticket victim.  Call The Coquat Law Firm at 210-745-0144 to speak to one of our experienced speeding ticket attorneys. Our flat $150 legal fee can be less expensive than it is to pay a speeding ticket in full. If we can’t get you results, we’ll refund 100% of your legal fee—no questions asked.


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