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Speeding Ticket defense in San Antonio is big business.  The San Antonio Police Department issues thousands of tickets every month.  The San Antonio municipal court collects thousands of dollars for traffic tickets every week.

Some speeders deserve their speeding tickets and just need to slow down.  However, countless speeding tickets are given out each day to innocent motorists in San Antonio who are victims of faulty radar guns or other nearby motorists who are actually the ones driving too fast.

Speeding Ticket Attorney

If you are a victim of an unfair speeding ticket, call the speeding ticket attorneys at The Coquat Law Firm to defend you against an unfair speeding ticket.  Our traffic lawyers will negotiate with the San Antonio Municipal Court prosecutors to help reduce the cost of your speeding ticket, reduce the time you spend on deferred disposition, or fight to get your speeding ticket dismissed all together.

Either way, you shouldn’t fight a ticket alone.  Hiring a lawyer to defend your ticket is not as expensive as you might believe.  Conviction for a speeding ticket will cost you much more in the long run.  Points will be added to your permanent driving record, putting you at risk of annual driver’s license surcharges.  Your auto insurance can dramatically increase or even be dropped in some cases.  You can’t afford a speeding conviction.  Our attorney’s fees are low and fair.  Even better, if we can’t get results for you by keeping your ticket off your permanent driving record, we will refund 100% of your legal fee – no questions asked.

Speeding Ticket Defense

If you need help defending a ticket, call one of our skilled speeding ticket lawyers today to see how we can help you out.  For a low, flat fee of only $150 what do you have to lose?  Call: 210-745-2825


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