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Let’s be honest: getting a San Antonio speeding ticket can ruin your day, and having to go to court when you’ve never gotten or don’t usually get a speeding ticket can be nerve-wracking. It’s natural that many people who get speeding tickets elect to take a San Antonio defensive driving course and be done with it.  However, taking defensive driving in San Antonio can provide its own set of problems.

Even if you choose to take a defensive driving course, you still must plead no contest to the ticket.  Did you know that a no contest plea is considered a conviction?  Any type of traffic court conviction can be reported to DPS and can show up on your permanent driving record.  When you take a San Antonio defensive driving course, it must be reported to the State and will show up on your permanent driving record.  While not supposed to, this driving blemish can cause your insurance premiums to go up, meaning you are going to pay far  more in the long run than if you hired a San Antonio speeding ticket attorney to resolve your traffic ticket.

Even if you elect to take defensive driving, you are also still required to pay court costs for having to appear before the judge and elect to take San Antonio defensive driving.  In addition, you have to pay tuition to an approved driving school to take their defensive driving course.  At the end of the course, you are required to provide the speeding  ticket court with not only your certificate of completion, but also a certified copy of your driving record from the Department of Public Safety; this is another fee you will incur.

Based on state law, defensive driving schools require you to spend six hours attending and passing the course.  For those who have busy work schedules and other prior comments, taking six hours out of your precious time to focus on a San Antonio defensive driving course is a luxury few can afford.  If you do find the time to complete a San Antonio defensive driving course, the court requires all of the necessary paperwork be turned in by a certain date, which can be a deadline many people have trouble meeting – and, of course, you’ll want to send your proof of completion to the court via certified mail so you have proof you sent it, and postage for certified mail ain’t chep!


It makes much more sense to hire an experienced speeding ticket attorney to help you resolve your speeding tickets and avoid the unnecessary time and expense required to take defensive driving.  We find the total fine on your ticket after hiring one of our traffic ticket lawyers to negotiate your ticket fee is usually only $10 to $20 more than the total cost for all fees associated with taking defensive driving.  And, you are still saving yourself six hours of monotonous driving school drivel.  Think of it, for a flat legal fee of $150 per citation, our experienced San Antonio speeding ticket attorneys can negotiate with the court to reduce your fines or work to have your ticket dismissed entirely.  You spend no time messing around with your ticket, traffic ticket court or driving school.  Nothing gets reported to the State of Texas and your driving record stays clean.  And, your insurance company never finds out you had a speeding ticket to begin with.  If you want to avoid having to take a San Antonio defensive driving class, call The Coquat Law Firm at 210-745-2825 and see what we can do for you.


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  1. Minor traffic violation. Was stopped speeding 77 on 65 I-10 West Bound. Christmas Eve driving my family to church.

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