December 10

Texas Tollway SH 130 Opens Ahead of Schedule


Whether you’re from Texas or if you have only been living in Texas for a little while, you have probably noticed that drivers in Texas like doing two things: driving big vehicles and driving those big vehicles VERY fast. It should come as no surprise, then, that Texas Department of Transportation recently opened the new SH 130 Texas tollway project ahead of schedule: a stretch of highway that features the nation’s highest posted speed limit at 85 mph.

SH 130 Texas Tollway Fees

While SH 130 is now available for drivers who want to travel north from San Antonio, and avoid the infamous Austin traffic on I-35, Texas Tollways recently opened the last two segments of the 90 mile bypass as a toll road that also features some of the highest toll prices in Texas.  Drivers travelling the entire length of the new road can expect to pay around $12.00. SH 130 is also making headlines by being a completely cashless toll road; drivers have the option to purchase a Texas Toll Tag that will automatically debit the toll from their account (about $0.15) or they can travel the toll road without a Toll Tag and pay by mail after having Texas Tollways send the bill directly to the registered address of the vehicle.

Traffic Ticket on Texas Tollway SH 130

What’s the catch?  Texas Tollways assesses the toll based on the size of the vehicle and how far the vehicle is going. So, a driver with a larger vehicle such as pickup truck traveling a longer distance can expect to pay more for the toll that a driver in a smaller car traveling a shorter distance on the same stretch of highway.  Plus, with so much publicity at having the nation’s highest posted speed limit, TxDOT is under pressure to make sure that safety standards are still being maintained.  This means there will most likely be an increased presence of police and state troopers along the new highway enforcing improper lane changes, failure to yield violations, seat belt violations, dangerous cell phone use while driving, and other traffic offenses.  Strict enforcement will show TxDOT is doing its job, and, of course, raise a little revenue along the way.

At the Coquat Law Firm, we’ve been keeping track of all the news regarding the opening of Texas tollway SH 130, and our experienced traffic ticket lawyers have represented clients from Austin and Travis County, all the way down to San Antonio, Bexar County, and surrounding municipalities.  If you have recently traveled along any part of the new SH 130 and have received a traffic ticket or unfair toll violation, call us today at 210-745-2825.  You can speak directly with our experienced San Antonio and Austin traffic ticket lawyers and paralegal staff.   Call and let us see what we can do for you.  Life in Texas moves in the fast lane; don’t let yourself be left behind.


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