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The Coquat Law Firm has an entire division of ticket lawyers devoted exclusively to defending and resolving traffic tickets.  While we have a large number of referral and return clients, a majority of our business comes from the internet.  That means most of our traffic ticket clients are computer savvy and like to use the latest technology.  In an effort to serve those clients better, we have created a Twitter account that is directly associated with TrafficTicketSA.com.

If you have a Twitter account and would like to keep up with the latest tweets about traffic tickets, Follow Us.  Our traffic ticket attorneys regularly post tweets about speed traps in San Antonio, traffic accidents in San Antonio and events going on at the San Antonio Municipal Court.  You will even get to see some of the crazy motorist pictures we post from time to time.

Join Twitter Today.

If you do not have a Twitter account and would like to follow @TicketLawyerSA on Twitter, Sign Up.  Simply put, Twitter is a social network you can view on your computer, smart phone or iPad.  Once you sign up with a Twitter account, you can send and receive short little updates called Tweets.  These tweets are limited to only 160 characters long – so much like a text message.  However, tweets can include special characters that allow you to keep up with what people are talking about called trends.  You can then see what’s trending across the web or what’s trending in your local area.

We promise that Twitter @TicketLawyerSA will never send you inappropriate material or spam.  Tweets are usually limited to one a day.  Our twitter topics are typically about general traffic ticket issues or San Antonio traffic conditions.  @TicketLawyerSA does not include the names of any of our clients and strictly enforces all obligations of attorney/client privilege when tweeting on Twitter.  You can also always call us directly if you need to reach one of our experienced traffic ticket lawyers: 210-745-2825.


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