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So, you ask, what do traffic ticket lawyers and traffic ticket defense attorneys in San Antonio, Texas have to do with The London 2012 Olympics or the Olympic Schedule?  Well, maybe nothing.  Maybe we just like the Olympics that much.  Click the title of the article above or the highlighted links contained in our blog to be taken directly to the Olympic Schedule, or read on to find out how we can tie speeding tickets and speeding runners into this blog….

Olympic Schedule

The London 2012 Olympics have begun with a bang.  Only once every four years can you watch the greatest athletes from around the world compete.  Use the Olympic Schedule we’ve provided you here to keep up with every race, match and heat you want to see.  Monitor which country is ahead in the Olympic Medal Count.  Follow all the latest Olympic News with the London 2012 Olympics Blog.

Olympic Medal Count

So, again you ask what does this have to do with traffic ticket defense in San Antonio, Texas?  What does the 2012 London Olympic Schedule have to do with our traffic ticket attorneys at TrafficTicketSA.com?  How can your author, Justin A. Coquat, tie in the Olympic Medal Count to valuable information about a speeding ticket in Bexar County or an experienced SA speeding ticket lawyer?  What does Michael Phelps have to do with our most tenacious traffic ticket lawyer, Elaine Burgess? Well, not a thing so far as I can tell.

Our firm just wanted to let you know how excited TrafficTicketSA.com and TrafficTicketCorpusChristi.com is about the 2012 Olympics and provide you with a quick link to the London Olympic Schedule so you can keep up with all the exciting action….I guess we just wanted to be good sports!  Ah, there you go!


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