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What Makes a Traffic Ticket Lawyer a Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

There really is no legally recognized “specialty” for traffic ticket law, but being a traffic ticket lawyer takes more than just putting up a web site.  The downturn in the economy has affected many civil and criminal attorneys’ bottom lines.  As a result, attorneys who have either never before taken care of a traffic ticket or who have only limited experience resolving tickets have now begun holding themselves out as “traffic ticket lawyers in San Antonio” and showing up in traffic ticket courts.

This observation does not mean that these attorneys cannot resolve tickets.  All attorneys licensed by the State Bar of Texas are admitted to practice in all justice and municipal courts within Texas.  However, there is little, if any, specific information studied for or tested on the bar exam about traffic tickets or other moving violations. From a practical standpoint, what this means is that a lawyer may hold a law license in Texas, but know nothing specific about traffic law or the actual procedure for resolving traffic tickets in the multiple traffic courts in the San Antonio and surrounding Bexar County area.

Like any profession, making legitimate money requires honest, hard work, skill and experience.  Nowadays, making money as an attorney in San Antonio is more difficult than ever, with the slow economy and the huge number of new law school graduates and laid off attorneys in the market place.  Because of the large volume of tickets issued and the speed at which traffic citations can be resolved, dabbling in traffic ticket defense is now a big draw for a growing number of attorneys with dwindling client dockets.  But merely resolving a ticket versus getting the best possible deal for a client can be very different things.  The Coquat Law Firm has resolved over two thousand traffic tickets and has one attorney devoted EXCLUSIVELY to defending traffic tickets and related moving violations.

How to Choose a Traffic Ticket Lawer

I advise when you begin to look for a traffic ticket lawyer, seek out an attorney who has an established online reputation and positive testimonials or feedback. Be reasonably wary of occasional, extremely negative feedback comments on any web site – while some are legit, competitors and folks who never become clients love to give low marks and rant – look at the overall score and comments of everyone.  Also, ask questions about how long the lawyer has been handling traffic tickets, how many tickets they’ve handled in the last year, and in which courts they practice.  It is also important to speak directly with an attorney and ask to have the entire process explained to you.  This will allow you both understand the process and see if the attorney is confident and knowledgeable in explaining the process to you – you can “hear” inexperience.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.   Since the downturn in the economy, I have observed numerous web sites for traffic tickets pop up – a few newcomers even ranking higher on Google organically than TrafficTicketSa.com; this isn’t too hard to do when buying links.  The flattery comes from viewing these web sites and seeing that a large portion of their content, billing structure and guarantees have been cut, pasted and only slightly edited from that found on TrafficTicketSA.com.  While our site may be imitated, our service cannot be duplicated.

If you need a bona fide traffic ticket lawyer, call us now at 210-745-2825.  We can help!


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