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Universal City Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Universal City was founded in 1960 and claims to be the “Gateway to Randolph Air Force Base.”  It is also widely known for being a speed trap, so you had better traverse the gateway slowly!  Speed traps throughout the city are numerous.  More than one area has speed zones where the speed limit falls discretely by over 10 miles per hour.  As a result, traffic tickets in Universal City are issued like new money printed at the U.S. Treasury; the difference is there’s a high likelihood these tickets are going to get paid – and sooner rather than later.

So, I often receive calls from potential clients inquiring about the Universal City Municipal Court and their procedure for resolving Universal City traffic tickets.  Here is my response based on my numerous experiences with Universal City:

Universal City Municipal Court staff and procedure are iron fisted – I have heard it referred to as the North Korea of local municipalities.  There are a handful of “traffic ticket attorneys” in San Antonio and the Bexar County area who handle speeding tickets for clients in all the local courts – well, almost all.  Many traffic ticket lawyers will not take a Universal City traffic ticket or represent clients in the Universal City Municipal Court for their speeding ticket.  This is because the process for resolving a Universal City traffic ticket is more often than not an enormously time consuming and demeaning process.

Time consuming because court typically “starts” at 8:00 a.m. on a Monday morning, even though the judge won’t take the bench until 8:30 a.m.  If you aren’t at the court and through the laborious check in process by 8:00, then you are usually not let into the courtroom – you simply have missed your court date and a “failure to appear” citation and fine are assessed against you.  Oh, a warrant will be immediately issued for you as well, despite the fact you may have been there before the judge was even on the bench….remember, this is about REVENUE! If you do get there in time and are planning to fight your ticket that day with a trial, don’t!  You are only there to make a “plea” of guilty or not guilty.  If you plead not guilty and request a trial, you will be given a separate trial date and required to come back a later day.

Demeaning process because the bailiffs and court staff are frequently rude and unfriendly, especially for “public servants.”  They seem to take the view you are guilty until you prove your innocence – and they treat you and the attorney representing you likewise.  My caveat is that the judge is especially nice, but he is so closely guarded by court staff that if something goes wrong with your paperwork after you have seen him, it takes minions of God’s angels to get you back in front of the judge for a correction.  On more than one occasion, I have had the court clerk’s staff add defensive driving requirements onto a deal I have worked out with the judge that didn’t originally require defensive driving.  When I pointed this out, the court clerk threw a virtual temper tantrum because I wouldn’t just go ahead and sign the paperwork.  When I asked to have the defensive driving requirement removed, because that wasn’t the deal I’d struck with the judge, I was told it had already been entered into the computer and nothing could be done.  As a lawyer, I asked to be able to see the judge again to have him fix the order, and was told “No,” and that I wasn’t allowed back into the courtroom I had just been in two minutes earlier.  I was then intentionally made to wait until all other individuals had been seen before the paperwork was presented to the judge for correction by the court clerk.

Again, this is not remotely the first time I have suffered through this and other experience just like it at the Universal City Municipal Court.  I have regularly received good offers from the Universal City prosecutor, only to have the paperwork, which is supposed to reflect that offer, botched by Universal City Municipal Court staff.  In such an event, getting paperwork corrected is especially nettlesome, no matter how much politeness you approach the situation with; multiple clients have called my office needing assistance with this very issue.  Be forewarned if you decide to take care of your Universal City ticket yourself, it will almost certainly be an unpleasant experience. Whatever you do, be sure to get any deal in writing, send any correspondence by certified mail and make sure you can track your payment – because in a time when gas prices are high, everyone is going green and efficient use of technology is a focus, the Universal City Municipal Court won’t accept a fax – now that’s customer service in the public interest if I’ve ever seen it!

The Coquat Law Firm attorneys regularly take care of Universal City Traffic Tickets for clients.  We do so despite all the inherent problems with the process, because we strive to be the best and most comprehensive provider of traffic ticket legal defense services in San Antonio.  Of course, every experience is different and you may have a grand time dealing with the Universal City Municipal Court, yourself.  However, if you have a Universal City traffic ticket, Universal City speeding ticket or Universal City Minor in Possession (MIP) and don’t want to take a chance of wasting your valuable time and potentially paying more or having to take extra defensive driving or deferred disposition, give us a call at 210-745-2825.


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