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Where Your Traffic Ticket Comes From – Part II

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There are numerous Bexar County traffic ticket jurisdictions and small towns with corresponding law enforcement agencies in the San Antonio / Bexar County area that issue traffic tickets.  Many of the smaller municipalities use these traffic tickets as a primary source of revenue building, just behind taxes, to pay for all the public services they provide.  Considering research on the number of citations issued, the amount of revenue brought in through speeding tickets, and seeing how often cops like to “hide” near minor speed zone changes or remote stop signs, I think traffic citations are less about protecting and serving the public and more about meeting the never-admitted “quota.”

 If you have been issued a traffic ticket in any of the following local municipalities, our traffic ticket lawyers can help fight or resolve that ticket for you.

Alamo Heights Municipal Court

Bulverde Municipal Court

Castroville Municipal Court

Hollywood Park Municipal Court

Leon Valley Municipal Court

Schertz Municipal Court

Selma Municipal Court

Shavano Park Municipal Court

Converse Municipal Court

Garden Ridge Municipal Court

Keep in mind, there are about 10 other little municipalities around San Antonio / Bexar County, so if you don’t see the name of the one you’re looking for above, give us a call at 210-745-2825.  Chances are one of our traffic ticket attorneys can help!


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