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Traffic Ticket Collections

As a San Antonio traffic ticket lawyer, I never hear anyone in San Antonio say they enjoy getting a traffic ticket. Even less likely will you ever hear someone say they enjoy taking time off of work and out of their busy schedule to go down to the ticket court to try and resolve their traffic ticket.

The unfortunate reality is some people don’t have time to take off from work to go down to the courthouse and resolve their traffic ticket. Many people simply don’t go because they are afraid or anxious of having to appear at the courthouse or be in traffic court. Still, for some people, life gets in the way and they simply end up completely forgetting about receiving a traffic ticket in the first place.  For whatever the reason, countless people fail to appear in traffic court on their appointed date and end up failing to take care of their traffic ticket.

 If a person receives a traffic ticket and that person either fails to pay or to resolve the ticket in a timely manner, the court usually issues a warrant and then may even send the ticket to a traffic ticket collections law firm to collect the past due balance.  This can also happen if the person is placed on a payment plan with the court and then fails to make either one or more payments.

            What’s the difference between a traffic ticket collections law firm and a traditional collections agency? There are two main differences.

  • A collections law firm does not report to credit agencies or credit bureaus (however, the court that issued the ticket may still report traffic ticket delinquencies to the credit agencies).
  • A collections law firm cannot settle for a lower amount; they are only authorized to handle the balance turned over to them by the court.

By the time a past due traffic ticket arrives at a collections law firm, many courts have removed it from their system and the ticket is an outstanding debt which is no longer eligible for any type of payment plan or payment arrangement; the balance in full is due immediately.  Also, because the ticket is past due, there have been additional late fees, courts costs and fees for sending the ticket to a collections law firm applied. It is also likely a warrant has been issued by the court as well, which can be an additional fee added to the balance. This often means you will be required to pay for both the outstanding ticket and an additional fee to lift the warrant

      The most important thing is DON’T WAIT TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR TICKETS. At The Coquat Law Firm, our experienced traffic ticket lawyers can negotiate with the court to take care of traffic tickets before they ever go to collections. Our traffic ticket lawyers go to court for you so you don’t have to take time off of work and they negotiate with the prosecutors, judges, and the court to try and reduce your traffic ticket fines or have them dismissed. Call one of our San Antonio traffic lawyers today at 210-745-2825 and see how we can help you with your traffic tickets.


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  1. I have a traffic ticket for speeding that went to collections and i was paying it and they allowed me to reinstate my license but i stopped paying because i couldnt afford it well that ticket from collections is getting garnished and i received a letter prior to garnishment that my license would be suspended again but if its getting paid threw garnishnebt is this still true will i still have this ticket or what are my next steps since it will be paid off with my next pay period in two weeks

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