November 13

Louisiana Traffic Ticket Lawyer | Speeding Tickets | Baton Rouge


Traffic tickets in Louisiana are big business.  Tens of thousands of traffic tickets are given out all over the state every year.  It is pretty well known that our neighbor to the east has awful highways, but that doesn’t stop law enforcement from raising revenue through issuing speeding tickets and other traffic citations.

Not only are Louisiana traffic tickets given out frequently, they are expensive.  A speeding ticket for driving just 10 miles an hour over the speed limit can cost hundreds of dollars.  Given the high fine amount and fact many interstate drivers are just passing through Louisiana on their way to Texas, Arkansas or Mississippi, numerous motorists decide to just ignore the ticket, forget about it and hope it will go away.  Bad idea!  You should get a Louisiana traffic ticket lawyer.

Louisiana Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Louisiana’s Babcock Partners speeding ticket lawyer Kevin Kleinpeter indicates failing to appear in court on the appointed day can have serious consequences – like an attachment (warrant) for your arrest and a contempt order, which could cause your fines continue to rise.  Instead, Mr. Kleinpeter recommends victims of Louisiana traffic tickets hire the Babcock Partners as their Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyers to fight or plea their citation.

As a Texas traffic ticket lawyer, I have actually had the opportunity to work with Mr. Kleinpeter in helping get some of my Texas client’s Louisiana speeding tickets resolved.  He listens well, is gregarious and clearly knows Louisiana traffic ticket law.  In fact, Kleinpeter has an entire page of frequently asked questions on his web site devoted especially to helping motorists who have received a speeding ticket in Louisiana to decide whether hiring a traffic ticket is in their best interest.  I found that phone calls were answered right away, so I recommend you call the Babcock Partners if you need a Louisiana traffic ticket lawyer to assistance with resolving a speeding ticket anywhere in Louisiana.  Call today: 1-866-309-0911


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