September 2

Important Vehicle Inspections for Traffic Safety

In light of the recent GM recall of just over 290,000 Cruzes for brake problems, we at The Coquat Law Firm would like to remind all of our readers Important Vehicle Inspections for Traffic Safety.

How could Important Vehicle Inspections for Traffic Safety affect you?

Not having your car properly inspected can lead to vehicle injuries and potentially ticket citations if you are pulled over. Everyone needs Important Vehicle Inspections for Traffic Safety.

The GM recall of Cruzes for brake problems is the eighth time the vehicle has been recalled. While this is an unusually high number of recalls for one vehicle, it is still important to have your vehicle inspected for safety issues.

The company [GM] said that Cruze brake problems have caused 27 low-speed crashes but no injuries.

Fortunately there have been no reported injuries from the brake problems in the Cruzes, but this is a reminder of the dangers of driving cars that are not safe. It is not only important for your physical safety that you have your car properly inspected, but it is important for your wallet too. Don’t forget that not having your vehicle safety inspection up to date can lead to citations and fines while driving.

What you need to know about Important Vehicle Inspections for Traffic Safety.

The issue of the most recent Cruze recall by GM is about the brakes, but if you are concerned that your vehicle may not be safe be sure to take it a certified mechanic for an inspection. Do not drive an unsafe vehicle on the road or you will put yourself and other in danger.

The Traffic Ticket lawyers at The Coquat Law Firm handle thousands of citations every year. If you find yourself with citations for not having Important Vehicle Inspections for Traffic Safety call Justin Coquat  or Elaine Burgess of the Coquat Law Firm today at (210)745-2825.

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  1. I think a lot of people think that safety inspections are a nuisance, but it’s very important. Inspections help to keep you safe and find any flaws in your cars safety systems. If you didn’t inspect it, and there were problems, you’ll be in trouble if you get in an accident.

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