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As you might imagine, most lawyers don’t go to law school with the aspiration of identifying themselves with traffic ticket lawyers. Most other lawyers look down their noses at traffic ticket lawyers, and litigating a traffic ticket case is usually considered menial legal work. But life has a funny way of taking us places we never thought we would go. Ten years into the practice of law, having worked with some very high profile lawyers on some very large and high profile cases, my trek into the field of traffic ticket representation has turned out to be my favorite – and today, I’m one of those traffic ticket lawyers.

Traffic Ticket Lawyers at MJBAT Traffic Law Update

Traffic Ticket Lawyers Municipal Justice Bar Association of Texas Legislative Update 2013

Recently, on August 17th, 2013, the Municipal Justice Bar Association of Texas held its 21st annual traffic law update in New Braunfels, Texas. Who would have guessed there were hundreds of attorneys all across Texas who have devoted their entire legal practice to representing individuals cited with a traffic ticket or similar class C misdemeanor.  The event was a 7 hour continuing legal education seminar, put on by top traffic ticket lawyers and ticket court judges from various municipal courts around Texas.

Traffic Ticket Lawyers Present Updates

Presentations were made form traffic ticket lawyers from Corpus Christi, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio and by DPS representatives from Austin.  Pat Monks of the Monks Law Firm in Houston moderated the event. New traffic ticket laws affecting the justice and municipal courts across Texas were discussed, and strategies were presented by veteran traffic ticket lawyers on how to best represent traffic ticket clients in trial.  Finally, Robet Barfield of Kemah presented a lecture on technology tips for the traffic attorney.

Traffic Ticket Lawyers in San Antonio attend MJBAT Seminar

Our traffic ticket lawyers Justin A. Coquat and M. Elaine Burgess attended the CLE and came away with a number of new friendships and some exciting new ideas for our San Antonio traffic ticket law firm.  Traffic tickets may seem small, but they are truly big business in Texas for the governmental municipalities that give them out.  I’m glad to know as a traffic ticket lawyer myself, there are other attorneys across the State of Texas who work diligently to protect the rights and legal interests of its motorists.

If you are ever in or near San Antonio and need the help of traffic ticket lawyers, give one of ours a call at The Coquat Law Firm.  We’ve helped resolve thousands of traffic tickets, and can probably help you too.  Call today: 210-745-2825.


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  1. I am an attorney seriously considering starting a practice dealing with traffic tickets. I saw the CLE program you had in August. Is there any way I can get written materials from that presentation or what would be a good reference to start from to learn more about the practice?

    Thank you for your time,

    Phil Sauder, Esq.

  2. Mr. Sauder,
    If you are still interested in working with The Coquat Law Firm in setting up your own practice dealing with traffic tickets please call our office at (210)745-0144 and ask to speak to Justin regarding this matter.

  3. I have provided my contact information. If you some free have time, please feel free to contact me at the email address or at 214-477-8608

    Many thanks.

    Phil Sauder

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