September 4

Dangerous Higher Speed Limits

It is important to be aware of Dangerous Higher Speed Limits in Texas and across the United States. A recent KENS 5 article outlines the dangers of higher speed limits on road and the impact this has on traffic safety ever since the repeal of federal lower speed limits.

What you need to know about Dangerous Higher Speed Limits. 

Critics of Dangerous Higher Speed Limits are warning about the impact this is having on safety. The critics say that Dangerous Higher Speed Limits are not seen as a threat in the same way as drunk driving or distracted driving.

The article notes that:

nearly a third of all road fatalities in the U.S. are speed-related.

Dangerous Higher Speed Limits are also responsible, according to critics, for traffic accidents and injuries that do not result in any deaths.

How Dangerous Higher Speed Limits can affect you.

While Texas has the highest speed limit in the nation at 85 mph, this does not mean that you cannot receive a Traffic Ticket or Citation. Dangerous Higher Speed Limits also mean that speeding tickets are more likely to be classified as an “unsafe speed” which can lead to a higher fine amount if ticketed.

We at The Coquat Law Firm want all of our readers to be safe while driving and to be aware of the potentially Dangerous Higher Speed Limits.

Can a Traffic Ticket Lawyer help you with the potentially Dangerous Higher Speed Limits?

If you find yourself with a Traffic Ticket or Citation, the trained Traffic Ticket Lawyers at Traffic Ticket San Antonio handle thousands of citations every year. If you have any questions about the potentially Dangerous Higher Speed Limits or about any other Traffic Ticket issues you may have call Justin Coquat or Elaine Burgess of the Coquat Law Firm today at (210)745-2825. Be sure to read all of our blogs on how we can help you!


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