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Click it or Ticket Crack Downs on Teens

What you need to know about when Click it or Ticket Cracks down on Teens.

Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens nationwide.  In Texas, teens have the highest rate of unbuckled fatalities.  In 2009, fifty-three percent of teen deaths in traffic crashes were not wearing their seat belt.  With spring break, prom and graduation under way TXDOT has updated their Click it or Ticket Crack Downs on Teens campaign to make wearing seat belts as appealing as possible.

Click it or Ticket Crack Downs on Teens and Seat belts Rock is a new campaign aimed at increased seat belt use for teens.  Robbi Smith, a spokeswoman for TXDOT told Kens 5, “They think they’re invincible and they are not”.  One year ago, Conroe police investigated a crash involving a high school student.  Crash investigators believe the fatality could have been avoided if both occupants were wearing their seat belts.  The 16 year old driver of the vehicle died within hours of the crash. Her passenger survived.  Something so simple that takes very little time can have a major impact on the lives on drivers and their passengers.

Websites like and public service announcements from TXDOT are doing their part to decrease traffic related fatalities. Stories like the one above from Conroe are equally impacting the lives of drivers.  The cost of saving a life is priceless but more expensive for Texas drivers who get caught driving without a seat belt leading to the Click it or Ticket Crack Downs on Teens.

How Click it or Ticket Crack Downs on Teens could affect you.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, Click it or Ticket Crack Downs on Teens violators will face license suspension or high ticket fines.

  • Drivers not wearing a safety belt can be fined up to $250

  • Drivers apart of the Graduated Driver License Program can face suspension if they are cited with a seat belt infraction.

  • If a child is unrestrained, drivers could lose points on their driver license.

With Law Enforcement officials cracking down on seat belt violators, San Antonio and surrounding cities can expect to see a rise in citations in the coming months.  Police officers have been trained to spot seat belt violations. Whether it is day or night, police are patrolling for violators.

Traffic Ticket Lawyers can resolve Click it or Ticket Crack Downs on Teens

At the Coquat Law Firm we do more than handle speeding tickets.  We have trained Attorneys who handle seat belt citations and Click it or Ticket Crack Downs on Teens.  We can advise you to help get your seat belt citations resolved or dismissed.  Call 210-745-2835 today to speak with one of our traffic ticket attorneys and see what we can do for you.  As always, the best way to handle traffic tickets is to obey the traffic laws.

Click Here to watch the video Embrace Life: Always wear your seat belt.



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