September 13

Passing Texas School Bus Fine Increase

Now that school is back in session it is important to remember to watch our for school buses when you are driving. School buses are most active in the morning and afternoon. If you see a school bus that is letting children on or off do not pass it. 

What you need to know about the Passing Texas School Bus Fine Increase.

A recent mySA article notes the Passing Texas School Bus Fine Increase. The Passing Texas School Bus Fine Increase is to protect children when they are in the greatest amount of danger in their commute to and from school. The greatest amount of danger that children face in commuting to school is getting on or off a school bus.

If a school bus has it’s stop sign extended this is a sign that children are either entering or exiting the bus. Most school buses in San Antonio have flashing red lights on their stop signs.

How the Passing Texas School Bus Fine Increase can affect you.

The Passing Texas School Bus Fine Increase for a first offense will be from $1,000 to $1,250. That is an increase of $250 or 25%. Any driver who violates the law more than once will not only face the Passing Texas School Bus Fine Increase but a suspension of their license for up to six months.

It is not possible to have a ticket involving the Passing Texas School Bus Fine Increase dismissed in Texas. So taking a defensive driving course is not an option that will help you if you find yourself with a Passing Texas School Bus Fine Increase traffic ticket.

Traffic Ticket Lawyers can help you with the Passing Texas School Bus Fine Increase.

The trained Traffic Ticket Lawyers at The Coquat Law Firm handle thousands of citations every year. Don’t fight your citations or tickets alone. Call 210-745-2835 today to speak with one of our traffic ticket attorneys and see what we can do for you.


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  1. I accidentally passed a school bus….N got a ticket in the mail…I’m going to pay the ticket …but my question is…I have a CDL licence…am I in any threat of losing my license….?

  2. I just got a ticket for passing a school bus. What is the rule if the school bus wasn’t stopped on the street, but was stopped at the entrance inside a neighborhood subdivision parallel to the street? It’s a 4 lane road (2 lanes on each side) with a turning lane in the middle. I was on the far right lane opposite of the bus.

  3. Typically tickets issued via a camera are civil tickets, not criminal, because there is technically “no accuser” that could testify against you, making it impossible to rise to the level of a criminal matter. Thus, the infraction should not be recorded on your permanent driving record. You asked if there was “ANY” threat of losing your license? Without knowing much more about your driving record and the state of your license, there is no way I could answer that for you with the limited information you’ve provided.

  4. I got a ticket that was issued via camera for passing a school bus. There was clearly a concrete divider between me and the school bus and I was on the far side lane opposite the bus. I would like to request a hearing. I have the option of requesting a hearing either in person or by mail. Which is the better option?

  5. If they have my name wrong on the ticket can it be dismissed? They have my middle name as my first name and the initial of my first name and my middle initial.

  6. I got a ticket for passing a school bus with its arm down at 12300 block of Dessau rd and Parmer ln I didn’t see it. I was headed north bound on Dessau in Austin TX at 5pm rush. The light was red for all lanes. The intersection is 5 lanes wide, 2 left turn, 2 straight and 1 right. I was in the far left turn lane. The bus was in the far right straight lane. with 2 cars in front stopped at the light and abt 12 cars behind it. In the other straight lane there had to be 10 cars stopped. When I came up to get on the turn lane. I didn’t see a bus at all. On the right side of the bus was the right turn lane with cars waiting to turn right. So the bus was pretty much in the middle of the road. This is a commercial area. So I don’t know why the arm was deployed. if the bus swings the stop arm down every time they have to stop for a light. Or if the driver hit a button or made the door come open by accident and the cameras come on. Want to know if I should contest this?

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