November 11

Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Everyone at Traffic Ticket San Antonio wants two things for our readers. We want our readers to be safe while driving and we want our readers to avoid costly tickets and citations. A recent Yahoo article offers some Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets.

What are the Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets?

Some of the Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets offered in the article include:

1. … to have situational awareness. If traffic slows, there’s a reason.

2. Be ready for anything. There are speed traps [everywhere]

3. If you are pulled over, keep quiet. Antagonists get the most tickets.

We are big fans of all of these Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets. It is always important to pay attention to what is around you. This can help you see officers ahead of and behind you. But you cannot always see everything. Being ready for speed traps means you are less likely to be speeding in the first place. And if you are pulled over, simply present you license and insurance to the officer. Try to be as nice and polite as possible.

The Secret Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets.

The most important Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets all involve one thing. Don’t be speeding in the first place. We understand that sometimes accidents happen and you are caught going slightly above the speed limit. But when you’re a few minutes late in the morning we want you to remember this. Speeding probably won’t save you much time and it can result in increasingly expensive traffic tickets and time in court. 

These Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets are Great, But I Already Have a Traffic Ticket.

If you find yourself with a Traffic Ticket after reading the Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets, calling a Traffic Ticket Lawyer can help you get your ticket resolved. The trained Traffic Ticket Attorney‘s at The Coquat Law Firm handle thousands of citations every year. You don’t have to fight your citations alone! Call 210-745-2835 today to speak with one of our traffic ticket attorneys.



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