November 13

Driving Safety School Avoiding Deer

Hello readers and welcome to the new Driving Safety School. We at Traffic Ticket San Antonio are committed to bringing you important safety information. So we have created the Driving Safety School to update you on important information that will help keep you safe while driving. Driving Safety School will cover a wide variety of topics that are related to getting you safely from Point A to Point B. Please feel free to leave a comment on topics you would like to see discussed.

Today’s lesson “Driving Safety School Avoiding Deer”.

What you need to know about Driving Safety School Avoiding Deer. 

A recent article highlights the importance of avoiding deer while driving. Especially in November. 

We couldn’t phrase this issue any better:

Deer are notorious for being in the wrong place (the road) at the wrong time (always). But as this month is mating season, they’re inclined to be even more brazen in the name of getting laid and thus a greater threat than ever to motorists.

Avoiding deer is always important, but this becomes an important safety issue at this point in November. Three important things happen in November. First, deer become more active because of mating season. Second, daylight savings time means it gets darker earlier. Third, more Americans are on the road every year for Thanksgiving. Combine all three of these facts and you have an accident waiting to happen.

What to learn from Driving Safety School Avoiding Deer.

When driving in rural or suburban areas always be on the lookout for wildlife. This is especially important around sunset and at night when animals are more likely to be crossing roads.

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