February 21

5 Traffic Tickets that Raise Insurance Rates

All it takes is one accident, one parking violation or one speeding ticket to raise your insurance rates. Did you know that over 40 speed traps in Texas generated more than 170 million dollars between 2000 and 2008?  That’s more than $3,000 in fines per person.  It doesn’t end there.  One ticket can increase your premiums by 22% according to insurance.com.  Use an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to help defend you.

Your rates can rise despite having a good relationship with your insurance company.  Insurance companies do track your driving history and driving record points over time to determine if you are a high risk driver.  Factors like how fast you were going over the limit and tickets from another state also matter.

What most drivers don’t know is how to avoid raising your premiums.  If you receive a traffic ticket for any violation simply give your insurance company a call to find out how much your rates will increase.  Keep in mind, the average ticket costs $150.  If you calculate this along with higher rates, one ticket can cost you hundreds in the long run.

5 Traffic Tickets that Raise Insurance Rates

Speeding violations, and wrong turns are pretty common traffic tickets you can expect to see a slight increase in your premiums for. Here are five other traffic tickets you might not expect to see stealing money from your pockets. To check if your ticket will cost you more in the long run, click here.

  1. Expired inspection stickers can increase your rates up to 18%. This can also apply to driving without a license or without a permit.
  2. Failing to yield.  According to the national average, your insurance can rise up to 8% if you fail to yield.
  3. Failing to report an accident is a major traffic ticket violation. If you are caught failing to report an accident this can have a dramatic affect on your insurance rates between 8 and 20%.
  4. Speeding in a construction zone is also a major violation which can result in double the fines and double the points on your record. You could see up to a 20% increase in your insurance premiums.
  5. Refusing a breathalyzer/DWI first offense is a Class A Misdemeanor and can result in a $2000 fine as well as possible jail time up to 90 days.  It literally does not pay to drive drunk because you might see an 18.50% spike in your insurance rates.

Don’t Be a Victim to Increased Rates

Traffic ticket violations ranging from unpaid parking meters to driving under the influence can be a cause to have your carrier increase your rates or drop you from their program. There are ways to avoid this: obeying traffic laws, taking a defensive driving course or hiring a traffic ticket lawyer.  The best way to avoid rising premiums is to always be a safe driver and obey the traffic laws.

If you find that you have unpaid traffic tickets in the state of Texas, police may be looking for you. Every year, the Great Texas Warrant Roundup ensures that individuals with outstanding warrants and unpaid tickets have their day in court.  Thousands of warning letters have already been mailed out.  Towards the end of February 2013, police will begin knocking on doors in San Antonio, San Marcos and Austin.  For a complete list of participating cities, click here.

Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer (210)745-2825

At The Coquat Law Firm , our team of experienced traffic ticket lawyers is ready to fight for you.  We can advise you to help get your tickets resolved or dismissed.  Call 210-745-2835 today to speak with one of our traffic ticket attorneys and see what we can do for you.



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