February 20

2013 San Antonio Warrant Roundup

The 2013 San Antonio Warrant Roundup is just around the corner. Beginning March 4th, 2013 the San Antonio City Marshall’s Office along with the San Antonio Police Department, Bexar County Sheriff’s office and other local law enforcement agencies will begin the process of picking up individuals with outstanding traffic ticket warrants and other Class C misdemeanors.

In 2012, the local San Antonio Warrant Roundup cleared more than 26,000 outstanding warrants.  This year the goal is stated to be a factor of almost ten times that – 250,000 outstanding warrants.  That’s right, law enforcement agencies supposedly hope to clear 250,000 outstanding traffic ticket warrants during the 2013 San Antonio Warrant Roundup.  How will this be possible?

2013 San Antonio Warrant Roundup

This year, the San Antonio Marshall’s Office will begin using a License Plate Recognition System.  These devices, at a cost of $30,000 a pop, are fixed  on patrol cruisers and constantly scan license plates.  The scanned data is then automatically checked against a pre-loaded database of outstanding warrants.  When a match is made, the LPRS alerts the officer and the fugitive driver’s number is up.

San Antonio Warrant Roundup Lawyers

Keep in mind that even if you have an outstanding traffic ticket warrant in San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin or Corpus Christi, the traffic ticket lawyers at The Coquat Law Firm can HELP!  Our ticket lawyers can usually negotiate to reduce your fines and keep traffic citations off your permanent driving record, even if they are already in ticket warrant status.

Call a San Antonio Traffic Ticket Attorney

Give our  traffic ticket attorneys a call today before the 2013 San Antonio Warrant Roundup rounds you up! 210-745-2825.


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