October 24

Warrant Roundup Grace Period Running Out


Great Texas Warrant Roundup 2013-Grace Period

At the end of February 2013 the annual Great Texas Warrant Roundup will begin.  If you have an outstanding warrant, San Antonio Police will be looking for you!  Every year, more than 240 law enforcement agencies and departments come together to find and arrest those with outstanding warrants.  Anyone with unpaid traffic tickets, class C misdemeanors, other misdemeanor or felony cases are at risk.


The State of Texas has already mailed out thousands of letters to those with active warrants.  Before the warrant roundup begins, the State of Texas offers a “grace period” for people to come down to the court and pay their outstanding traffic ticket fines.  This grace period begins on February 13 and ends on February 24, 2013.  Authorities are warning people at risk to pay their outstanding tickets to avoid jail time.  Fines could cost as much hundreds even thousands of dollars.  Cities such as San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, and San Marcos are already on board.  For a complete list of cities participating in the great Texas warrant roundup, click here.   Law Enforcement officials will be knocking on doors and making arrests beginning February 27, 2013.


Paying your outstanding tickets may avoid jail time but it won’t remove the stain on your permanent driving record.   If you already have a conviction(s) your insurance premiums may increase, a surcharge on your license may appear or you could lose your driving privileges in Texas.  At the Coquat Law Firm, a traffic ticket lawyer is ready to help you NOW.


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