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The City of Selma is located 16 miles northeast of downtown San Antonio and straddles I-35 toward Austin.  Selma was founded as a stagecoach stop in 1847 and its website indicates at the time Selma was regularly endangered by bandits and hostile Indians. It has a population of roughly 6,000 people, including a military community fed by nearby Randolph Air Force Base.

While stagecoaches no longer stop in Selma, as a long existing speed trap, failure to strictly adhere to speed limit signs will result in your getting stopped by the Selma Police Department patrol cruisers.  Selma cops often hide under the overpasses of I-35 or in hard to see places along its exit ramps, targeting unsuspecting motorists coming off the freeway.  Experience in my firm confirms the officers often appear reckless about jurisdictional boundaries and which car they actually clock versus which they give a traffic ticket to.  And, there is no need to argue with Selma law enforcement; the attitude of “I’m the man with the badge,” prevails.  The primary purpose for administering tickets does not seem to be for protection of the community, but is instead an enormous revenue builder for the small community.

The Selma Municipal Court is currently presided over by Judge Hrncir – a fair and even-handed judge.  The court has jurisdiction to rule over Selma traffic tickets, speeding tickets, moving violations, public intoxication charges, minor in possession MIP charges and any other statutory misdemeanors within the city limits.

The Selma Municipal Court phone number is 210-651-7801. As of this writing, the Selma Municipal Court does not have its own web site, so a link to Selma Municipal Court is provided here.

Keep in mind the deadlines and times for appearing in Selma’s traffic court are strictly enforced.  The check-in and security process at those times is also serious business.  You are expected to be virtually silent in the courtroom!

The Coquat Law Firm has lawyers who handle numerous Selma traffic tickets every month.  While Selma prosecutors are hard-line and serious about prosecuting offenders, our Selma traffic ticket lawyers have a high rate of success negotiating the resolution of speeding tickets in Selma to keep them off your permanent driving record.  If you would like assistance FIGHTING or RESOLVING a Selma Traffic Ticket or other Selma citation, contact a TrafficTicketSA.com attorney at 210-745-2825.


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