May 14


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I got a call this afternoon from my lovely wife.  She sounded a bit distraught, so I immediately got worried.  With all the rain in San Antonio, I thought maybe she had an accident in her new SUV.  I’m glad to report it was nothing so serious.  Instead, she informed me she’d just received a traffic ticket from a San Antonio Police officer.  She was allegedly driving a little over the speed limit and was issued a speeding ticket.  She was worried I’d be angry.

As a traffic ticket lawyer in San Antonio, I take care of well over a thousand traffic citations every year.  This gives me a pretty good idea of exactly how serious and detrimental receiving a traffic ticket can ultimately be.  The fact I am a ticket attorney does make resolving her traffic ticket a little easier because I know exactly what avenue to take and what complex process to follow.  But make no mistake, my knowledge of Texas traffic ticket law and my familiarity with the San Antonio traffic ticket court system doesn’t mean my wife’s ticket will be any easier for me to resolve than any other client who hires my traffic ticket law firm.  The fact that I know all the traffic ticket judges and traffic ticket criminal prosecutors in the Bexar County area also won’t help me resolve this ticket.  While traffic ticket judges, ticket defense lawyers and prosecutors may be friends and acquaintances outside of work, we all have our respective roles and jobs to do at the courthouse, and we stick to them.  There are no perks.  There are no winks, secret handshakes or elbow rubbing that let’s the lawyers, lawyer’s family members or friends get any special treatment.

The reality of the situation is that we all (well, almost all) get traffic tickets or speeding citations at one point or another.  Doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians and even a sweet, well-meaning housewife now-and-again go outside the traffic ticket laws and run a stop sign, change lanes without a blinker, or just drive a little faster than the posted limit.  The result is a San Antonio traffic ticket.  The key to resolution of these traffic infractions is to secure the help of a skilled traffic ticket attorney.  My wife will use one and so should you.

Just like with all clients, I will negotiate with a traffic ticket prosecutor at the ticket court to keep the speeding ticket off of my wife’s permanent driving record.  She will likely pay a reduced fine and have to spend 30-90 days on deferred disposition.  If she can keep from having a lead foot during that time, the speeding ticket will be dismissed, and all will be right with the world again.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a traffic ticket, don’t try to fight it at the traffic ticket court by yourself.  Give us a call at 210-745-2825 and talk to one of our dedicated traffic ticket lawyers.  Or, you may want to simply fill out the online form on this website and one of our skilled speeding ticket attorneys will contact you within a few hours.  Remember, while we all get traffic tickets sometimes, it really does pay to fight.  Call us now: 210-745-2825.


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