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Back to School: Time to Slow Down, Again!

It has now been an entire year since I started writing this blog.  I have taken care of several hundred speeding tickets for as many clients since then in San Antonio, Bexar County, Schertz, Selma, Leon Valley, Alamo Heighs, Converse, Boerne, Bulverde, Shavano Park, Hollywood Park and other sourrouding areas.  I have been to the San Antonio Municipal Court and the Bexar County JP / Bexar County Precinct Courts too many times to remember.

Alice Cooper’s School’s Out for Summer tune is faded away and the memory of Motley’s Smokin’ in the Boys Room and VanHalen’s Hot for Teacher become relevant once again – not that I ever did either. So, just like last year, I’m back to remind you school’s back in and it’s time to slow down in those school zones.

School Bus Traffic Ticket San Antonio

Speeding in a school zone carries a hefty fine – a regular speeding ticket in Bexar County runs $165 and the same in a school zone will cost you $330.  Passing a stopped school bus is $390. The same ticket from SAPD will cost you $642.  Both are super expensive and my experience is judges show little mercy for violators.  So, just don’t speed in a school zone and look out for stopped school busses.

New Traffic Law

As students head back to school, drivers should also be reminded of the new traffic law that took effect September 1, 2009.

The Texas Transportation Code makes it illegal for the operator of a motor vehicle to use a wireless communication device (cell phone) while driving within a school zone. Two exceptions are if the vehicle is stopped or if a hands-free device is used.  Failure to abide by the law may result in a fine.

According to the legislation, signs must be posted at the entrance of school zones informing drivers of the cell phone ban and that fines will be imposed for violation.  The absence of such a sign creates an automatic defense against prosecution under the law.  So, if you are stopped for using a cell phone in a school zone, check to make sure a sign warning of the cell phone free zone is posted.

Be careful in those school zones for the sake of both the students and your pocketbook.  Should you find yourself seeing those spinning red and blue lights, be polite, be courteous, and consider calling an attorney for help.


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