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Houston Traffic Ticket Attorney

The Coquat Law Firm resolves thousands of traffic ticket citations every single year across Central and South Texas. The Firm primarily provides traffic ticket defense along the I-35 corridor and serves cities such as San Antonio, Austin, San Marcos, as well as Corpus Christi.  Even with its close proximity to San Antonio, one area our firm doesn’t serve is Houston, Texas.

At The Coquat Law Firm, we  provide the best service possible to our traffic ticket clients.  We strive to offer top quality, up-to-date legal representation at a price point that is fair to clients.  Our designated traffic ticket lawyers and paralegals take every case seriously and understand a “simple traffic citation” is still a criminal offense in Texas that deserves a serious legal defense.  That is why when I recently met Houston traffic ticket lawyer Scott J. Markowitz, I was thrilled to find another traffic ticket lawyer who shares my practice philosophy and a referral source for traffic ticket clients in Houston, Texas.  While this endorsement is admittedly a little pointed, it has legitimate merit.  I can confidently recommend anyone with a traffic ticket citation in Houston to call Houston Traffic Ticket Attorney Scott J. Markowitz at (713) 521-7568 or visit the Markowitz Law Firm website.

Your Houston Traffic Ticket Attorney.

Houston Traffic Ticket Attorney - Scott J. Markowitz
Houston Traffic Ticket Attorney – Scott J. Markowitz

Why am I endorsing Scott Markowitz at the Markowitz Law Firm?  The Coquat Law Firm wants it’s clients to receive the best, even if we are not personally able to handle your traffic ticket.  Think about this, most lawyers don’t go to law school with the ambition of handling traffic tickets for a living, but some of us find this area of law and develop a true passion for this one seemingly “tiny area” of the law.  (Did you know an estimated 25-50 million tickets are issued in the U.S. each year?) Many attorneys who “do traffic tickets” treat both their clients and their cases like second rate citizens.  But not me, and not Scott Markowitz!

That is why I’m encourage you to call The Traffic Ticket Man if you need help resolving a traffic ticket in Houston! With over 20 years of legal experience Scott J. Malkowitz is a trusted Houston traffic ticket attorney who practices with an “Atticus Finch” style passion for his clients and their cases.  Just check out his reviews on AVVO and Yelp!  Furthermore, Scott is highly involved with the Municipal Justice Bar Association of Texas, an organization that helps traffic ticket attorney’s stay on the cutting edge of ticket law and has been called upon in Houston as a local traffic ticket law authority.

Keep in mind, this Houston Traffic Ticket Attorney doesn’t just help with traffic ticket citations. If you have a DWI, trouble with a driver’s license, have surcharges or need an occupational license Scott J. Malkowitz should be one of your top considerations for legal counsel.   You can call today at (713) 521-7568.

Houston Traffic Ticket Attorney for the Great Texas Warrant Roundup.

And finally, let’s not forget the Great Texas Warrant Roundup start date is coming up again.  Every year in the spring, law enforcement agencies across Texas come together to seek out and arrest individuals with an outstanding traffic ticket warrants in the various traffic ticket courts across the state.  If you have an outstanding warrant from a traffic citation, you may be arrested during the roundup.  Law enforcement officers can come to your home, office or wherever in Texas you may be found.  If you live in Houston, Texas or the surrounding metropolitan areas, you don’t have to create unnecessary worry for yourself; all you need to do is call Scott Markowitz – The Traffic Ticket Man.  Again, I’m excited to recommend Scott because he’s an experienced Houston Traffic Ticket Attorney, who I can trust my would-be Houston clients to with assisting in resolving your Houston traffic tickets, whether you live in Houston, San Antonio or elsewhere.   If you’d like the Coquat Law Firm to represent you with a traffic ticket, but it’s issued in the Houston area, call the Markowitz Law Firm today (713)521-7568.


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  1. Justin, thanks for the red-carpet treatment on your blog and I am looking forward to continued synergy between our respective law practices. Cheers to you my new friend and colleague! Hope to see you soon somewhere between here and San Antonio. I’ve got a couple of pending clients in your backyard that could use a bit of home-cooking to get their cases on the right track. I’ll be calling soon.

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