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The Frank D. Wing San Antonio Municipal Court building is located at 401 S. Frio Street, San Antonio, Texas 78207 on the corner of Frio and Durango, West of I.H. 35 South.

Hours of Operation:
• Monday – Thursday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

• Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

• Cashiers are open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Parking is available in front of the Courthouse ($3.00 – No In/Out).

Important Reminders:

Keep in mind the average time you will spend at the San Antonio Municipal Court down at 401 S. Frio Stree in San Antonio to take care of a traffic ticket, not including your travel time, is 2 hours. Many trips take more time than this. Multiple trips are often required because citizens wrongly believe that their appearance date is the same as their trial date. Therefore, citizens go with all of their paperwork or witnesses, expecting to fight their traffic ticket, and instead find out that they are only appearing to make a pleading of guilty or not guilty and their trial date is actually set for another day – requiring a return trip.

Keep in mind that pleading “No Contest” and paying your speeding ticket fine without taking deferred disposition, deferred adjudication or defensive driving will result in a conviction on your permanent driving record and points will be assessed against your driver’s license. Your auto insurance may go up, as well.

Keep in mind that proceeding directly to the cashier to pay your fine will result in a permanent conviction being recorded on your state driving record.

Keep in mind that paying for your San Antonio Municipal Court traffic ticket online will result in a permanent conviction being recorded on your state driving record.

Keep in mind that You will not be able to resolve your traffic ticket online if one or more of the following applies to you:

      You must not possess a Commercial Driver’s License.


      You must not have received Deferred Disposition (Article 45.051 in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure) on a violation within 12 months in the territorial jurisdiction of the San Antonio Municipal Court.


      You must not have taken a Driving Safety Course (Article 45.0511 in the Texas Court of Criminal Procedure) on a violation within 12 months in the State of Texas.


      You must not have received a speeding violation in excess of 25 miles over the posted speed limit.


      Your citation must not require a Compliance Dismissal, i.e. Proof of Insurance, Inspection Sticker, Proof of Valid License, Proof of Registration, etc.


    Your citation must not have occurred in a Construction Zone.

Fight Your Ticket: Keep in mind hiring The Coquat Law Firm through TrafficTicketSA.com to fight your traffic ticket or speeding ticket in San Antonio or Bexar County will only cost $150 per citation with a money back guarantee that your traffic ticket will not be recorded on your state driving record or reported to your auto insurance carrier. A lawyer can frequently overcome the limitations set out above and very often secure an even better deal than what prosecutors or the court will offer online. START FIGHTING NOW! CLICK HERE!


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  1. I have taken the Defensive Driving Court required by the court for my speeding ticket.
    I am supposed to pay my ticket today. But I do not have a car. Can I pay on line or over the phone. Drivers License #24616395. Please respond.

  2. I live in Port Aransas Tx and received a speeding citation in San Antonio TX today with a court date on 6-10-15 at 4 pm–can I get this dissmissed or deferred without making a trip to San Antonio on my court date? Please Advise.

  3. Mr. Noll,

    We always go to court so you don’t have to, regardless of where you live. For more information on how we can help you with the citation for San Antonio please feel free to call us at (210)745-2825.

  4. I just recently found out that I have 3 citations from 2002. I am more than willing & am able to pay these off to ensure that there aren’t any issues when it’s time for me to renew my license. These fines in total are $785, what exactly do I need to do when I make that trip downtown with the cash in hand? Thank you

  5. In many cases failing to pay citations can result in warrants being issued for your arrest and paying older citations directly to the Court usually results in a conviction. Convictions often result in points on your license and increased insurance premiums. If you would like additional information specific to your citations please call our offices at (210)745-2825.

  6. I just received a card in the mail that said I have a citation from 2003. I know I paid this but bring that it is 14 years old now I know that I won’t have my receipt anymore what do I need to do?

  7. I got a school ticket in SA on old Hwy 90. The static sign does not conform to TMUTCD in size or design of lower plaque and the intersection has 2 different speed limits posted (35 & 45) depending on which direction you go through the intersection. I have plead not guilty and need to submit a motion of discovery but I cannot find the form on-line even though the clerk indicated it was available on line. Can you provide the link to the form?

  8. What if I received a citation but lost it? Now I need the citation # to pay online and I can’t seem to find a human to talk to in San Antonio that can help me find that # so I can pay my ticket?

  9. I received a ticket for expired registration in castle hills do you know how much time I have to pay the county tax fee and renew it then to show proof I fixed it to court?

  10. I received a citation for disregarding a red light.
    Am I eligible for deferred adjudication?
    Do I pay you $150 and the $202 ?

  11. I received a citation for disregarding a red light. If I quailfy for deferred adjudication, do I pay the $202 fine and your fee of $150?

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