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San Antonio Traffic Ticket Attorney on Dirty Cops

I honestly think most law enforcement officers are good people.  I think most of them care – just like most lawyers.  Unfortunately, there are always a few bad apples in every profession who make everyone else look bad – just like in the legal profession.  What scares me silly, though, is the rising number of stories I hear from clients about genuinely disgraceful treatment from local cops.  I took care of nearly 1,000 tickets last year in the San Antonio area and oh, the stories I could tell.

I’ve heard of cops yelling at children when stopping their mother.  Clients relayed stories of being called “faggot,” “idiot,” “blind,” “numb-nuts” and other awful names.  I have actually seen numerous tickets where the same few officers have stopped citizens in one precinct and then forced them to appear in court in an entirely different precinct all the way across town; such tickets are illegal and void, by the way.

The interesting part is the tickets that go with the most egregious stories I hear seem to rarely get turned into the court.  I have four such cases in Bexar County Precinct 2.  The day those citations get turned in, I’ll be seeking video or audio of the stop….but I’m guessing the officer’s copy has long since been shoved under the front seat of his patrol cruiser or tossed in a trash can.

Law enforcement is an important part of our society.  Their job and motto is to “Protect and Serve.”  I appreciate the men and women in blue and the dangerous work they do.  I especially appreciate those who perform their duties showing dignity and respect towards the citizens they serve.  I feel just the opposite for those who do not.

I encourage citizens to report discourteous, belligerent or unjust treatment when stopped by the police, but many are afraid of retaliation or that nothing will be done.  I have helped a few make successful reports to supervisors and chiefs.  Remember, we are the People.  Part of every citizen’s duty is to be vigilant for and report unfair or hostile treatment by government employees who abuse their power – a power given to them by us.

If you have been the victim of a traffic ticket stop during which you received treatment you believe was unbecoming of an officer, or simply need representation for a traffic ticket, please call us.  We’d like to hear about your experience and provide legal representation if appropriate.

The Coquat Law Firm, P.C. can be contacted at Info@CoquatLawFirm.com or by phone at (210) 745-2825 for a free consultation.


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