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Traffic Camera Ticket Controversy

The Low Down on the Traffic Camera Ticket Controversy

San Antonio Traffic Ticket Attorney Explains the Drama about the Traffic Camera Ticket Controversy:

We recently blogged about the Traffic Camera Ticket Controversy and the devious dealings of the private photo enforcement contractor, American Traffic Solutions, relaying the story of a man whose ticket from a photo radar system was overturned due to the inaccuracy of the photo used as proof he was speeding.  Because other vehicles were in the camera’s field of vision, it was impossible to determine if the vehicle belonging to the man in question was the vehicle detected as speeding.  In response to court findings like this one, American Traffic Solutions began cropping these other vehicles out of the images used as evidence against alleged speeders, creating the Traffic Camera Ticket Controversy.  Upon further investigation, we’ve found there’s more behind this story, and it’s rather controversial in nature….

How could the Traffic Camera Ticket Controversy affect you?

Not only does American Traffic Solutions crop other vehicles out of evidence photos, it also crops out lines painted on the roadways; these lines are a secondary check of the speed estimate on photo radar images.  So, if the lines are cropped out of the photo, then that secondary check isn’t visible.  Additionally, American Traffic Solutions has repositioned their cameras to accomplish the same goal.  These practices make it harder to argue an alleged speeder’s innocence.

That is, if you even know you’re an alleged speeder in the first place…you might not be able to tell when you’ve been ticketed.  Part of the Traffic Camera Ticket Controversy is that new camera technology uses infrared light instead of a more obvious flash when snapping photos.  Consequently, drivers can’t be sure they’ve been ticketed until weeks later when notice finally arrives by mail.

What you need to know about the Traffic Camera Ticket Controversy.

Adding to the Traffic Camera Ticket Controversy, another private photo enforcement contractor, Brekford, is under fire from the Maryland Driver’s Alliance for not supplying the Alliance with reports that should be public information.  The Alliance asked for copies of reports showing calibration information for their cameras in order to potentially prove they are not maintained in compliance with Maryland state law, which says:

(3) A speed monitoring system operator shall fill out and sign a daily set-up log for a speed monitoring system that:
(i) States that the speed monitoring system operator successfully performed the manufacturer-specified self-test of the speed monitoring system prior to producing a recorded image;
(iii) Shall be admitted as evidence in any court proceeding for a violation of this section.


(ii) The independent calibration laboratory shall issue a signed certificate of calibration after the annual calibration check that:
2. Shall be admitted as evidence in any court proceeding for a violation of this section.

Brekford is demanding the Alliance pay for copies of these reports, in the amount of $535.  If it is determined that Brekford is not in compliance with Maryland law, they’ll be slapped with some hefty fines.  This gives Brekford incentive to keep those reports out the Alliance’s possession for as long as possible.

Lastly, it was recently reported on the Alliance’s website almost 4,000 citations for speeding in a school zone will be refunded or voided due to information which came to light surrounding the placement of a camera in regards to a school zone.  Thousands of motorists were wrongfully fined for speeding in a school zone, but the cameras weren’t actually recording inside that school zone.  Consequently, Charles County, Maryland, where the incident took place, suspended its speed camera program.

Don’t fight the Traffic Camera Ticket Controversy alone!

So watch out for the Traffic Camera Ticket Controversy!  Avoid getting ticketed by driving safely and according to the law, but if you’ve received a traffic ticket and want representation by an attorney experienced in handling traffic tickets, please call The Coquat Law Firm at (210) 745-2835 or fill out an online submission here.


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