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Traffic defense attorneys typically don’t cost as much as the average person thinks. At, our ticket defense lawyers charge a flat fee of $150 per citation to assist you with defending your San Antonio traffic tickets. The San Antonio Police Department is out in force during Fiesta, especially during NIOSA, looking for drunk drivers and issuing traffic tickets throughout Bexar County.

Hiring an experienced traffic ticket defense lawyer can make all the difference between having your speeding ticket go down on your permanent driving record as a conviction or not having the traffic citation show up at all. Most of the time, one of our ticket lawyers can get the ticket resolved for less than the cost of the fine, and get your probation time (deferred disposition or deferred adjudication) substantially reduced.

This means that instead of damaging your driving record and having your insurance go up, hiring a ticket defense lawyer can save you money – all while allowing you to avoid spending any time at the San Antonio Municipal Court or one of the Bexar County Justice of the Peace traffic ticket courts. Less money, no time, the decision is simple.

For help defending your traffic ticket in San Antonio, fill our our online form or call our firm right now at 210-745-2825.


Traffic Ticket Violation

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