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When I first began defending traffic tickets, they were handled begrudgingly and mostly as a favor to existing clients or friends.  I had no idea that within a few short years my firm would defend over 1,500 traffic citations a year, or that would be one of the highest ranked traffic ticket lawyer sites for San Antonio on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

My system for resolving tickets in the early days was to speak to every client by phone, take all information down manually and then travel to one of the multiple courthouses in Bexar County to resolve speeding tickets.  Afterwards, I would write each client a letter and prepare a paper invoice.  The process of resolving each traffic ticket usually took two weeks or more from start to finish.

With the volume of tickets The Coquat Law Firm handles nowadays, while we still speak with every client we represent, the old way would be impossible.  We now defend more speeding tickets, MIPs and public intoxication citations every month than I took care of my entire first year in the field.  Instead,, while only a small site, is a highly automated and extremely streamlined web site supported by a host of IT and web site professionals.  The next few blogs are to brag about the computer professionals who make happen.

For starters, the infrastructure of my law office is held together, like most modern law firms, with a network of computers and printers.  We have a dozen or so computers and multipe laser printers.  There are two entire computers and a server dedicated to and its client’s information.  With this kind of integration and volume, staying networked and online is an absolute must – power outages and hard drive crashes are disastrous to both my clients and my business.

Helpful Computer Guy Gets Traffic Tickets in San Antonio

To keep this internal computer matrix and all of its information organized and functional, I call on The Helpful Computer Guy from right here in San Antonio.  The Helpful Computer Guy or (THCG) is owned by Kevin Pate.  With THCG, I never have to worry when computer issues arise, and we all know they do.  I can get affordable computer repair services day or night by in person or by remote assistance.  Kevin knows his business like the back of his hand.  He stays up to date with all the latest in networking and computer gadgetry.  I always have up to date virus & spyware removal, too.  Another great benefit to using The Helpful Computer guy for my PC computer repair service is that I know when I call Kevin he will answer his phone or be back in touch with me within minutes.  He even shows up on time – imagine that!  And when The Helpful Computer Guy walks through my door, he is dressed professionally – so, I don’t have to worry about some unwashed computer geek in Crocks and a faded Star Wars t-shirt walking through my law office.

If you need computer repair or San Antonio computer networking assistance for your small business, I highly recommend you contact The Helpful Computer Guy.  If you need traffic ticket defense from skilled traffic ticket lawyers in San Antonio, contact us at 210-745-2825.


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