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Target on Invalid License Citations

San Antonio Traffic Ticket Lawyers are always looking for ways to help you with the Target on Invalid License Citations.

A few months ago on April 18th, Norma Joan Brennan, a 79-year-old Ocala, Florida woman drove a Mercury Grand Marquis through the front doors of a Target building.  Ms. Brennan had been a licensed driver for fifty years but lost her license due to a medical condition she did not disclose.  She was attempting to get back in the saddle Thursday so she could retest and once again be a legal driver.  Accompanying Ms. Brennan was her pastor, Rev. Kevin Holsapple, who agreed to give her some driving tips as the two practiced in the Target parking lot.  It hasn’t  been reported how the previous minutes of the lesson transpired, but at one point, Brennan pressed the gas instead of the brake as she attempted to adjust her seat and the car shot forward into the building.  Neither Brennan nor Holsapple were hurt; no employees or customers received injuries either.  Ms. Brennan received a citation for driving while her license was suspended or revoked, and Rev. Holsapple received one for allowing an unlicensed driver to drive his vehicle.  That’s right, she crashed his car. They should have called a Traffic Ticket Lawyer about the Target on Invalid License Citations.

Here’s What Would Happen if the Two Lived in San Antonio:

Section 521.457 of the Texas Transportation Code says that it’s illegal to drive with an invalid license, meaning that the license is suspended, revoked, cancelled, and expired. If you violate this law with the Target on Invalid License Citations, penalties may include a fine of $100 – $500, and jail time in a county facility for 72 hours – 6 months.  Driving while your license is suspended is a criminal misdemeanor.   It doesn’t appear that Texas has a statute regarding allowing a person to drive your car if they have a suspended or revoked license.  But insurance companies have field days with stuff like that, so it’s not recommended.  In this case, Rev. Holsapple’s insurance company could decide to drop him as a client or raise his rates, even if he gave Ms. Brennan permission to drive the vehicle. How could the Target on Invalid License Citations affect you?

Another Case of Distracted Driving?

Seems so.  Ms. Brennan was not only driving under pressured conditions (trying to pay attention to pedestrians in the parking lot, listen to Holsapple’s advice, and deal with the more than likely nerve-wracking conditions of driving for the first time in a long time while your preacher is giving you directions….), she was also adjusting her seat.  However innocent the situation, not giving full attention to the task at hand when driving is dangerous, even in a parking lot.   In essence, Ms. Brennan was doing the same thing as those who text while driving.   Ms. Brennan isn’t likely to retest any time soon, but our best wishes are with her in her efforts to once again get the hang of being a responsible driver.

How could the Target on Invalid License Citations affect you?

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