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San Antonio Traffic Ticket Lawyers Resolve Citations

Can San Antonio Traffic Ticket Lawyers Resolve Citations for you? While everyone hates getting citations on a San Antonio traffic ticket, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be the end of the world with the help of San Antonio traffic ticket lawyers. As a featured headline on, one man who thought getting pulled over was reason enough to shoot at a police officer, ended up with a sentence of 65 years in prison. Don’t end up like him and call The Coquat Law Firm to represent you. Call: 210-745-2825.


If you are ever pulled over for a routine traffic stop, always remember to be polite and courteous to the officer, or they may be inclined to give you additional citations on your San Antonio traffic ticket. Remember to pull your car as far off to the side of the road as you can and turn your engine off. Never leave your vehicle unless told to do so. Most police officers are just trying to do their job the best that they can. Even if you do not agree with the traffic ticket you should do everything you can to limit the citations you receive. And don’t forget, San Antonio Traffic Ticket Lawyers Resolve Citations all the time.


Remember that just because you sign a ticket doesn’t mean you are guilty. Signing a traffic ticket means you agree to show up in court. If you do receive a citation on you San Antonio traffic ticket, don’t waste your time and effort driving to traffic ticket court. Letting San Antonio traffic ticket lawyers go to court for you almost always saves you money and time. Our traffic ticket lawyers resolve thousands of traffic citations each year in and around Bexar County. San Antonio Traffic Ticket Lawyers Resolve Citations at our firm every day.  Call 210-745-2825 now to speak with a San Antonio traffic ticket lawyer and resolve your citations.

 San Antonio Traffic Ticket Lawyer – Elaine Burgess


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