February 20

Safe Neighborhood Driving

The trained traffic ticket lawyers at The Coquat Law Firm and Traffic Ticket San Antonio want to remind all of our readers to always practice Safe Neighborhood Driving. If everyone practices Safe Neighborhood Driving then we can help keep our homes, cars, and children safe.

Always Practice Safe Neighborhood Driving.

Driving in neighborhoods is part of almost everyone’s daily commute. But many people treat these roads like any other and do not practice Safe Neighborhood Driving. People can be in a rush to get to work on time or are rushing to get home and watch the newest episode of House of Cards. Safe Neighborhood Driving is about making sure you follow the posted speed limit signs, watch for other cars and pedestrians, and pay attention to what is around you.

As reported in a KENS 5 Article homeowners around UTSA are worried about drivers not practicing Safe Neighborhood Driving. Individuals keep waking up to find that someone has accidentally driven into the fences around the back yard of their homes. Imagine having to constantly pay over $1,000 to fix your fence because someone is in too much of a rush in your neighborhood and doesn’t slow down.

Safe Neighborhood Driving Can Save You Money.

By practicing Safe Neighborhood Driving individuals can save money from costly speeding tickets and unsafe driving tickets. With few people practicing Safe Neighborhood Driving police are beginning to patrol these areas more often and are giving out tickets.

If you ever find yourself with a traffic ticket, the trained traffic ticket lawyers at The Coquat Law Firm and Traffic Ticket San Antonio can help. You don’t have to fight your traffic ticket alone. We have the skills and experience to help resolve your traffic tickets or citations. Call 210-745-2825 today!

If you have any stories about Safe Neighborhood Driving please be sure to tell us in the comment section below.


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