October 11

Reduced Driving in the State of Texas

A recent study by the Texas Public Interest Research Group says that Texans are driving 13% less than in 2000.

What you need to know about the Reduced Driving in the State of Texas.

A News 4 WOAI article that focuses on the more important aspects of the Texas Public Interest Research Group study. The article mentions a quote by the lead researcher of the study, Thomas Visco:

Texans are actually driving less and over an eight year period have been driving less than the national average.

The study also has some possible reasons to explain the Reduced Driving in the State of Texas. These possible reasons include different generational outlooks and priorities, new technology, and higher gas prices. The study pays special attention to how different generations view cars and driving. The Baby Boomer generation is said to view cars and driving as the ultimate form of freedom and expression. While the Millennial generation views cars as expensive luxuries. Some of the expenses mentioned include, insurance, gas prices, repairs, and parking. The study also mentions that the rise of new technology for public transportation have contributed to the Reduced Driving in the State of Texas as well. Finally, the article also mentions that rising gas prices over the years may be a factor in the Reduced Driving in the State of Texas.

How can the Reduced Driving in the State of Texas affect you?

The Reduced Driving in the State of Texas has probably already impacted you in some way. If Texans are driving less, than there are fewer times that they will in a position where they could receive tickets. However, if there are fewer tickets being handed out, due to the Reduced Driving in the State of Texas, then municipalities and cities will need to make up for that lost revenue from traffic tickets by increasing the fines for the tickets they do give out.

Always remember that you don’t have to fight your traffic ticket citations alone.

If you have any questions regarding traffic tickets or the Reduced Driving in the State of Texas, please call Justin Coquat at the Coquat Law Firm at 210-745-2825.


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