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How to avoid getting a traffic ticket

It is a well known saying that everyone will get pulled over at some point in their life while driving a car. While that may or may not be the case, the experienced traffic ticket lawyers at The Coquat Law Firm and Traffic Ticket San Antonio can help you avoid getting a traffic ticket if you do get pulled over.

Tips to avoid getting a traffic ticket.

The most important thing to know in working to avoid getting a traffic ticket is to follow the law. Do not speed. Do not follow to closely. Follow every traffic sign accordingly. But sometimes this isn’t enough. Things happen. You’re running late, or a child is screaming in the back seat and next thing you know you are looking at flashing lights in your rear view mirror. The best ways to avoid getting a traffic ticket when you are pulled over is to be polite, courteous, and respectful to the officer. Whether they were correct in pulling you over or not. The goal at this point it to make sure you avoid getting a traffic ticket or get as small of a traffic ticket citation as possible.

When you first see the officer behind you make sure you safely remove your vehicle from the road. Don’t swerve across multiple lanes or slam on your brakes, but make sure you get off the road quickly. This includes making sure your vehicle is as far from the road as realistic and safely possible. Once you have stopped. Turn your engine off and place your keys on the dashboard before leaving your hands on the steering wheel. This will show the officer that you are not a threat to be driving off and will put the officer more at ease as they approach your car. Depending on the time of day it may be a good idea to turn on your interior cabin light. Don’t reach for any information in your wallet/purse or glove box until the officer asks you for the info. Always address the officer as yes sir/no sir or yes ma’am/no ma’am.

What if you can’t avoid getting a traffic ticket?

If you end up with a traffic ticket or traffic citation, at least you followed our tips to avoid getting a traffic ticket and made sure the officer gave you the smallest traffic citation right? If you find yourself with a traffic ticket or traffic citation The Coquat Law Firm might be able to help. Our trained and experienced traffic ticket attorneys resolve thousands of traffic citations every single year. For more information call us today at 210-745-2825. We work with CDLs and Occupational licenses!!!


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