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DWI Suspect’s Excuse: Aliens Made Me do it

We’ve all heard the lame excuses, protests, and denials given by drunk drivers when confronted by police officers:  “No, officer, I wasn’t drinking,” or, “But I only had one beer!”  Lately, however, some rather original alibis have been brewing in the minds of the intoxicated.  For example, one man, pulled over for swerving so violently that he almost ran several other vehicles off the road told the officer that “the squirrel in his shirt was trying to eat him,” therefore of course he was driving erratically.  Right.

This DWI Suspect’s Excuse takes the cake:

A Georgia man, Joel Lankford, says that aliens had everything to do with why he was found wandering around a stranger’s home eighteen miles from the scene of a car wreck.   Police in Logansville, Georgia, received a 911 call from a woman who claimed that she was under attack: someone was trying to kill her.  When police arrived at her location, a church parking lot, she was bleeding heavily.  Not too far away lay a vehicle, engine running, wheels spinning, doors open, with no one inside.  Police called an emergency vehicle to come to the woman’s aid.  Because she was unable to identify herself, the officers searched her purse for details pertaining to her identification.    On her phone, they found Joel’s number.

About ten minutes into this ordeal, another report was sent through 911 to the police about a trespasser on the front porch of a nearby home.   When police arrived on scene, they identified the trespasser as Joel Lankford, and, making the connection to the injured woman, questioned him about the accident.  He gave no explanation for the accident, but did say (with slurred speech and breath reeking of alcohol) that aliens had transported him at his current location.  Of course they did.  Even more perplexing is the fact that he thought he was in Lilburn, about eighteen miles away.  He was transported back to the crash site, and had trouble walking during this time.

DWI Questions, Anyone?

  • What the heck happened?
  • Was Lankford driving or was the woman?
  • Why the alien excuse?
  • What happened to Lankford?

Well, as for the first two questions, investigators will uncover the facts surrounding the crash in order to determine the consequences to be faced by the vehicle’s operator, whoever that was.  Why the alien excuse?  Mr. Lankford may have been up to date on his knowledge of possible legal excuses for driving under the influence.  (In all honesty, he was probably just drunk.) In this case, applicable and acceptable excuses include involuntary intoxication, “when a person has ingested alcohol without his or her knowledge.”  If Lankford is able to prove he was given alcohol by said aliens, he might be able to get out of this one.  Back in reality, if he is proven to not have been driving at the time of the accident, which doesn’t seem likely, he can avoid a charge.  Most likely, Lankford will be charged with leaving the scene of the accident and failing to render aid.

DWI Law in Texas

            The Texas Transportation Code Chapter 550: Accidents and Accident Reports, states in Section 550.021 that “the operator of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to or death of a person shall remain at the scene of the accident until the operator complies with the requirements of Section 550.023” (we’ll get to that in a moment).  ‘A person commits an offense if the person does not stop or does not comply with the requirements of this section,” the code continues.  Section 550.023 says that the vehicle operator must also “provide any person injured in the accident reasonable assistance, including transporting or making arrangements for transporting the person to a physician or hospital for medical treatment if it is apparent that treatment is necessary…”

San Antonio DWI and MIP Lawyer

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