August 31

College Football Tailgating Traffic Ticket

Make sure you do not get a Tailgating Traffic Ticket this weekend. This is the weekend College football returns. As teams begin chasing one of the spots in the College Football Playoff, make sure the police aren’t chasing you to give you a Tailgating Traffic Ticket. If you find yourself with a Tailgating Traffic Ticket call an experienced traffic ticket lawyer today at (210)745-2825!

Avoiding a Tailgating Traffic Ticket.

Why talk about tailgating? Because tailgating can mean hanging out with friends before a great game of college football as well as mean following too closely. With several major games in Texas this weekend traffic could be bumper to bumper. You may be in a rush to get to the game, but it is not worth it to get a Tailgating Traffic Ticket. Even if you cannot make it to the game you might be heading over to see some friends or going out to watch the game.

College Football Tailgating Traffic Ticket.

Hiring an experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer for your Tailgating Traffic Ticket can save you time and money. Do not waste your time going to court and sitting in line. We go to court so you do not have to. You do not have to fight your Tailgating Traffic Ticket alone! The Coquat Law Firm resolves thousands of citations every single year. We can resolve traffic tickets for speeding, no insurance, warrants, a Tailgating Traffic Ticket, and more.

Call The Coquat Law Firm today at (210)745-2825! We also work with CDLs and Occupational licenses!!!

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