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Owner Financed Real Estate

One of the fun parts of being a traffic ticket lawyer in South and Central Texas is the diversity of folks I have the opportunity to meet. Given the Coquat Law Firm resolves over 2,500 traffic citations between Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Atascosa Count and Corpus Christi every year, I get to meet folks from all walks of life – folks who engage in every imaginable kind of career out there.  After having done of little bit of internet research, recently, I had the opportunity to meet a very sharp and business savvy Comal County real estate broker by the name of Polly Haberkorn. Polly owns Texas Property Team, a land and residential real estate brokerage firm in the Texas Hill County.  Polly has an amazing depth of real estate knowledge and experience in these areas and providers her real estate services in Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, Bulverde, and all across Comal County.

Polly Haberkorn – Texas Owner Financed Real Estate Broker

 In particular, I thought it was very interesting to learn from Polly that due to the difficulty of getting even the most standard of mortgages for a home loan these days, a significant percentage of buyers are now looking to purchase Texas owner financed real estate properties.  Polly told me it’s not like the old days where only people who had poor credit or didn’t have much money to put down sought out owner financing.  Instead, Haberkorn said she has seen doctors, lawyers and other highly paid professionals seeking owner financed real estate in Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, Bulverde and all across Comal County.  This made a lot of sense to me as the owner of a professional business who tries to keep his salary as low as possible, in case I need money for my business. Sometimes that translates in to having a difficult time trying to get a standard loan that is usually based primarily on a person’s recorded annual income.

Polly told me not many realtors truly understand owner financing transactions or how owner financed real estate property sales work, and so do not offer these opportunities to their clients.  Polly really specializes in properties sold through owner financing, and so has stated receiving telephone calls for assistance with owner financed real estate property deals all across Texas.

Now, even as a licensed real estate broker, myself, I don’t know much about owner financed real estate property in Texas.  I can help all day long with any traffic citation you may receive in New Braunfels, Bulverde or anywhere in Comal County.  However, if you would like assistance with an owner financed real estate deal in Texas, I recommend you contact Polly Haberkorn at the Texas Property Team by calling 830-660-3922 or find her on her website at or even give Polly a ‘Like’ on her Owner Financed Real Estate Facebook Page .

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BREAKING NEWS: So, you ask, why do traffic ticket lawyers and traffic ticket defense attorneys from Traffic Ticket SA in San Antonio, Texas want to tell you that Paul Ryan is Romney’s VP pick? Our ticket lawyers just want you to understand that we pay attention and our traffic ticket web site is kept up to date!  Call 210-745-2825 if you would like one of our traffic ticket attorneys to pay special attention to your traffic ticket, speeding ticket, or if you need ticket defense.

Paul Ryan Is Romney’s VP Pick

Mitt Romney has selected Paul Ryan as the Vice President to run on his presidential ticket.  So who is Paul Ryan?  Paul Ryan is a seventh term congressman representing Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.  Ryan gained nationwide attention in January of 2012 by introducing a plan Ryan called the “Path to Prosperity” intended to be a blueprint for American renewal.  The plan proposed to massively slash Federal spending, overhaul Medicare and cut taxes across the board for everyone.  At length, the plan proposes to spend just under $40 trillion over the next ten years – $6.2 trillion less than Obama set out in his February 2012 budget.

Whether Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP pick is a wise decision remains to be seen.  Will Ryan prove to be as damaging to Romney as Sara Palin was to McCain, or will he be seen as a golden horse to the American people and help put Romney into the White House.  Either way, whether you see the decision as bold or risky, one thing is sure – Paul Ryan is on the Romney ticket.

Traffic Ticket SA is Our Pick

We admit to being a little biased about which traffic ticket lawyers we think you should pick to provide traffic ticket defense for your traffic ticket.  We would like you to pick us to be “on your ticket,” and for good reason.  Our ticket attorneys are committed to serving you – the client.  We know you have many choices when it comes to traffic ticket lawyers in San Antonio, so we work our tails off to provide you top notch, white-glove legal service.  We don’t treat traffic ticket representation like a lower form of legal work.  In fact, we have lawyers dedicated exclusively to traffic ticket and related Class C Misdemeanor representation in both San Antonio and Corpus Christi.

If you would like one of The Coquat Law Firm traffic ticket lawyers to take care of your ticket with the kind of care and service usually reserved for a “vice president” give us a call today and see how we can help defend your traffic ticket. 210-745-2825.