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Driving Safety School Traffic Police

Hello everyone and welcome to the first Driving Safety School of 2014! For those who don’t know, the Driving Safety School is here to provide you the best information to get you safely from point A to B safely and without any tickets or citations. Please feel free to leave a comment on topics you would […]

Nationally Ranked Best Driving States

At The Coquat Law Firm we are committed to bringing you information about driving safely and getting any traffic tickets and citations you may receive resolved quickly. A recent Yahoo! article discusses a new study on the Nationally Ranked Best Driving States. Where is Texas on the Nationally Ranked Best Driving States list? Unfortunately Texas is ranked as one […]

Most Important Safety Advancements In Car History

Safety is our top priority for our readers at The Coquat Law Firm. With that in mind and a little help from Jalopnik we are sharing some of the Most Important Safety Advancements In Car History. The List of the Most Important Safety Advancements In Car History. Cars have not always been as safe as they are […]

Have A Safe And Merry Christmas

The Coquat Law Firm would like to take a minute to express our wish that everyone Have A Safe And Merry Christmas this year. We want you to Have A Safe And Merry Christmas! Please remember that the holiday season is one of the busiest times for traffic each year. This is also the time of […]

Driving Safety School Avoiding Deer

Hello readers and welcome to the new Driving Safety School. We at Traffic Ticket San Antonio are committed to bringing you important safety information. So we have created the Driving Safety School to update you on important information that will help keep you safe while driving. Driving Safety School will cover a wide variety of topics that are […]

Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Everyone at Traffic Ticket San Antonio wants two things for our readers. We want our readers to be safe while driving and we want our readers to avoid costly tickets and citations. A recent Yahoo article offers some Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets. What are the Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets? Some of the Top Tips to Avoid […]