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San Antonio Texas Traffic Ticket

The Coquat Law Firm is getting ready to reveal a brand new website, but that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten about what really matters. Taking care of you San Antonio Texas Traffic Ticket and saving you money. Do you have a San Antonio Texas Traffic Ticket? Don’t waste your time and money with a San Antonio Texas […]

First Speeding Arrest

The First Speeding Arrest in the United States happened just over one hundred and fifteen years ago. The History of the First Speeding Arrest. On May 20th, 1899 Jacob German received the dubious honor of being the first man pulled over and arrested for speeding. He was going 12 miles per hour. The police officer that caught […]

School Bus Camera Tickets

New School Bus Camera Tickets might start showing up in your mail box, if a new San Antonio ordinance is passed. What you need to know about new School Bus Camera Tickets. Our sister site Traffic Ticket San Marcos recently wrote about School Bus Camera Tickets in San Marcos, but it seems that San Antonio might not be far behind.  […]

Safe Neighborhood Driving

The trained traffic ticket lawyers at The Coquat Law Firm and Traffic Ticket San Antonio want to remind all of our readers to always practice Safe Neighborhood Driving. If everyone practices Safe Neighborhood Driving then we can help keep our homes, cars, and children safe. Always Practice Safe Neighborhood Driving. Driving in neighborhoods is part of almost everyone’s daily […]

San Antonio Rodeo Warrant Roundup

If you are going to be going to the San Antonio stock show and rodeo and you have traffic tickets you need to be careful. Officers from the 2014 Warrant roundup will be scanning license plates in the parking lot and around the area. If they scan your license plate and you have a warrant […]

2014 San Antonio Warrant Roundup

The 2014 San Antonio Warrant Roundup is almost here! Every year The Coquat Law Firm takes time to remind all of our readers about the 2014 San Antonio Warrant Roundup. What you need to know about the 2014 San Antonio Warrant Roundup. The 2014 San Antonio Warrant Roundup is expected to be the largest one yet. With police agencies […]

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