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Driving Safety School Avoiding Deer

Hello readers and welcome to the new Driving Safety School. We at Traffic Ticket San Antonio are committed to bringing you important safety information. So we have created the Driving Safety School to update you on important information that will help keep you safe while driving. Driving Safety School will cover a wide variety of topics that are […]

Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Everyone at Traffic Ticket San Antonio wants two things for our readers. We want our readers to be safe while driving and we want our readers to avoid costly tickets and citations. A recent Yahoo article offers some Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets. What are the Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets? Some of the Top Tips to Avoid […]

Classic Mobile Traffic Ticket Citation Court

Back in the 1920s, when you were pulled over in the city of Inglewood, California, a Classic Mobile Traffic Ticket Citation Court came to you. The History of the Classic Mobile Traffic Ticket Citation Court. The 1920s was a high point in American history. It was known as the Roaring Twenties. Cars were becoming more affordable and […]

Google Android Heading to Cars Next Year

The automotive world is about to have to choose a side. Apple and iOS or Google and Android. With Google Android Heading to Cars Next Year, buying a car means looking at your phone. What you need to know about Google Android Heading to Cars Next Year. Mobile phone operating systems or mobile OS are heading to […]

Avoid Texting While Driving Penalties

A recent Gizmodo article on a Mother Jones Report lays out a map so people can Avoid Texting While Driving Penalties. Image Credit Mother Jones ( What you need to know to Avoid Texting While Driving Penalties.  The Mother Jones Report notes that: The good news: fatal car crashes are on the decline. The bad news: fatal car crashes involving cell […]

Ten Years of Toyota in San Antonio

This past week marked the anniversary of Ten Years of Toyota in San Antonio. With the announcement for the plant having been made on October 17th, 2003.  A recent News 4 WOAI article highlights some of the important milestones for the Toyota plant for the last decade. The history of Ten Years of Toyota in San Antonio. […]